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Our LoungeMiles® loyalty scheme rewards you for every visit

Simply visit a participating lounge 5 times and receive free access into one of our participating lounges.

Please note: Enrollment onto the current LoungeMiles scheme has now ceased with no further LoungeMiles cards being shipped. This is due to a new loyalty scheme arriving Summer 2018.

Customers can still obtain stamps for visits during the transition from our current scheme to our new scheme.

LoungeMiles logo1. How the scheme works

It couldn't be easier to reward yourself. Simply collect a stamp each time you visit a participating Aspire lounge in the UK (unfortunately, the Heathrow Terminal 5 lounge is not part of the LoungeMiles scheme). 
Loungemiles trophy2. Your Reward

Once your card is complete with 5 visit stamps, your next visit is free (upon the card being fully filled in and complete).
free button
3. How to Claim

For your FREE visit, simply present your 5 stamped card at reception at a participating lounge (making sure your details are fully filled in) and gain free entry. There is no option to pre-book.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get a LoungeMiles® card from?
Simply pick up your LoungeMiles card from the lounge next time you visit. I’m part of a card scheme or bought lounge access from a partner site; do I still qualify? Yes you do.

Are all Aspire lounges in the UK included in the scheme?
No unfortunately not. The Aspire Lounge at Heathrow Terminal 5 is not participating in the LoungeMiles scheme, however, all UK other Aspire lounges are included. Partner lounges are not included in this scheme (such as the Cardiff Airport Lounge). Full list of lounges can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

I am an Annual Membership holder; do I qualify for the scheme?
Yes you do.

When do the cards expire?
24 months after the first issued LoungeMiles stamp.

Did the scheme offer a free £5 retail voucher after 7 visits?
The loyalty scheme did offer this as a benefit, however this was removed from the scheme on 28/06/2016 and is no longer available. If you are in possession of an older LoungeMiles loyalty card and are unsure what to do, please refer to the section below (Important Changes To The LoungeMiles Loyalty Scheme June 2016) and please DO NOT send to the Freepost address as the vouchers will not be fulfilled.

The LoungeMiles loyalty scheme is changing with immediate effect (28/06/2016) as set out below.

This is due to the company that fulfils the 'Free £5 retail Voucher' element of LoungeMiles Loyalty scheme on behalf of Swissport ceasing to trade.

The following changes have been made to the scheme with immediate effect and are summarised below. Our loyalty scheme was clearly split into two reward parts:

Free £5 Retail Voucher Reward (7 x stamps)

  • This element of the loyalty scheme was carried out on behalf of Swissport by another company. This company entered into administration and is no longer trading.
  • Therefore, collecting stamps in order to exchange your completed loyalty card for a £5 retail voucher will no longer be possible.
  • Please DO NOT send your completed cards to the free post address as these will not be fulfilled. Please keep hold of them and refer to the Q&A section below.

Free Lounge Visit Reward (5 x stamps)

  • This element of the loyalty scheme remains unaffected
  • Customers obtaining 5 stamps may still enter any UK Aspire Lounge.

LoungeMiles Scheme Changes (June 2016) - Q&A

Why have you changed the scheme?

Unfortunately, the company that fulfilled the £5 retail voucher element of the LoungeMiles® scheme on behalf of Swissport has entered into administration. Therefore, that part of the loyalty scheme will no longer be offered to guests. LoungeMiles® cards with 5 or more stamps can still be used in any participating UK Aspire lounge for a free lounge visit.

What happens to cards that have already been submitted for a £5.00 voucher?
Unfortunately, any cards that have been sent to the freepost address AFTER the 26th June 2016 will not fulfilled. Furthermore, as the company no longer exists, Swissport cannot make arrangements to either repatriate or claim these cards back. If you have sent these cards after this date and have taken scans, photocopies or pictures of the cards prior to sending, please get in touch with us. We have no evidence to suggest that any £5.00 vouchers that have been issued recently will not be valid.

What happens to LoungeMiles® cards with 7 stamps that are redeemed for a FREE Lounge Visit?

Guests with a full card of 7 stamps can redeem it in a participating Aspire UK Lounge and will be offered the choice of carrying the additional 2 stamps onto a new LoungeMiles® card OR a free glass of Prosecco to enjoy on their visit.

Should completed cards be sent to the FREEPOST address on the back of the LoungeMiles® card?

No, as we are unable to issue £5.00 vouchers, customer should NOT post their cards to the Freepost address. Swissport GB Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any cards that are posted.

When will LoungeMiles® cards be redeemable for a £5.00 retail voucher again?

We are looking at ways of offering a solution to our loyal customers. To keep up to date, please log your details here:

The LoungeMiles® loyalty scheme is operated in participating Aspire Airport Lounges in the UK only.

The following lounges in the UK are participating in the LoungeMiles® loyalty scheme: Aspire Lounge at Belfast City (BHD), Aspire Lounge at Birmingham (BHX), Aspire Lounge at Bristol Int'l (BRS), AspirePlus Lounge at Bristol Int'l (BRS), Aspire Lounge at Edinburgh Int'l (EDI), Swissport Lounge at Humberside Int'l (HUY), Aspire Lounge at Inverness Dalcross (INV), Aspire Lounge at Liverpool John Lennon (LPL), Aspire Lounge (North Terminal) at London Gatwick (LGW), Club Aspire Lounge (Terminal 3) at London Heathrow (LHR), Aspire Lounge London Luton (LTN), Aspire Lounge (Terminal 1) at Manchester Int'l (MAN), Aspire Lounge (Terminal 2) at Manchester Int’l (MAN), Aspire Lounge at Newcastle Int'l (NCL), AspirePlus Lounge at Newcastle Int'l (NCL)

These Terms and Conditions ('Terms') apply to the use of your LoungeMiles® Loyalty Card and use of your LoungeMiles® Loyalty Card constitutes acceptance of these Terms.

The LoungeMiles® Loyalty Card

1.The LoungeMiles® Loyalty Card is issued by and remains the property of Swissport GB Ltd (Swissport).

2.Swissport reserves the right at all times in its absolute discretion and without notice not to issue the LoungeMiles® Loyalty Card and to either amend these Terms or on reasonable notice to terminate withdraw or cancel LoungeMiles® Loyalty Card and/or any stamps which may have been collected.

3.Customers wishing to redeem a completed (5 stamps) LoungeMiles® Loyalty Card for lounge access must complete all personal details on the LoungeMiles® Loyalty Card and present the completed card at the participating Lounge reception on arrival. Entrance is subject to availability. Free lounge access is only available to persons aged over the age of 18, or accompanied by a person aged over the age of 18 (if applicable, the accompanying person must have valid lounge access)

4.The LoungeMiles® Loyalty Card and any other related applications remain your responsibility at all times.

5.The Aspire Lounge and Spa at London Heathrow Terminal 5 is not part of the LoungeMiles® loyalty scheme and customers cannot a) obtain a visit stamp from this location or b) redeem a free visit at this location.

6.Only one (1) stamp will be issued per visit to an Aspire Lounge.

7.LoungeMiles® Loyalty Cards will expire 24 months after the date of the first issued redemption stamp.

8.It is the Customers responsibility to ensure they have evidence of the completed LoungeMiles® card.

9.Only completed LoungeMiles® Loyalty Cards (those that have been stamped 5 times), will be eligible for a free lounge visit. Loyalty stamps will not be issued when using the lounge as a free visit.

10.Swissport reserves the right and without notice, to change the choice of reward offered in exchange for completed loyalty cards (either 7 or 5 visit stamps)

11.The free lounge access can only be redeemed by the person named on the LoungeMiles® Loyalty Card

12.Claims cannot be made for retrospective visits, nor can claims be made for visits where no stamp was received nor cards that were sent to the freepost address and that may not be fulfilled.

13.The LoungeMiles® Loyalty Card and/or rewards are not redeemable for cash.

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