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Welcome to the Aspire Rewards App, the airport lounge loyalty scheme by Aspire Airport Lounges. The Aspire Rewards App allows Aspire Lounge guests to collect points during each lounge visit. Points can be redeemed as vouchers for some of your favourite retailers or even for free lounge visits!

Collecting Points Is Simple

The app is your loyalty card

When you sign up, you are assigned a unique ID. When checking in at a participating lounge, present your digital loyalty card on your device to the lounge agent. 

Receiving your points

The lounge agent will scan your digital loyalty card and the points will be automatically added to your account.


Head to the rewards section of the app to see what is available

Select the reward you'd like to treat yourself to


Redeem your reward

In lounge rewards, such as a free visit, can be redeemed by presenting a QR code to the lounge agent. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the App?

'Aspire Rewards' is available to download from the App Store and Google Play right now.

Can I collect points at all UK Aspire Lounges? 

Unfortunately not. Some overseas Aspire Lounges are not yet recognising the Aspire travel rewards scheme. 

Aspire lounges in the UK participate in the scheme, these are: Belfast City (BHD); Birmingham Birmingham (BHX); Edinburgh (EDI); Humberside (HUY); Inverness (INV); Liverpool (LPL); Manchester (T1 and T2) (MAN); Newcastle (NCL). 

Partner lounges (such as Club Aspire Lounges) and third party lounges (such as Glasgow Upperdeck Lounge) are not included in this scheme. The full and up-to-date list of participating lounges can also be found on the app itself, simply head to 'About'.

I access your lounges through a card scheme, can I still collect points?

You certainly can. Aspire lounge rewards aren’t just for direct bookers, whether you access our lounges through a third party card scheme, through a frequent flyer scheme, or indeed any other method of entry, you are qualified to collect loyalty points. 

Please note, it is not possible to acquire points for a visit which is complimentary, as a result of a loyalty scheme or otherwise. However, those who book their visit direct at do earn more points per visit.

When do points expire?

Your points will stay with you for 24 months from the date they were issued. Don't fear - when your points are close to expiry, we'll give you a nudge and remind you to use them before they disappear!

I have a LoungeMiles card, can I still use this? 

It is no longer possible to collect stamps using LoungeMiles cards as this scheme was phased out in September 2020. No further LoungeMiles cards are being issued to lounges, so once your card is full and you have redeemed your free stay, it's time to move to the App! Please note that your stamps are valid for 24 months.

Due to the impact COVID-19 had on travel in 2020, we will review LoungeMile stamp redemptions on a case by case basis. If you have stamps which you collected in 2018 and are yet to be redeemed, please contact a member of our team by emailing [email protected] and we will review this.

The Aspire Rewards loyalty scheme is operated by Swissport GB Ltd. in participating Aspire Airport Lounges in the UK only. 

These Terms and Conditions (‘Terms’) apply to the use of your Aspire Rewards application and your use of the Aspire Rewards application constitutes acceptance of these Terms.


  1. “Terms and Conditions” means these Terms and Conditions the Guest is bound by when using the Aspire Rewards application.
  2. “Aspire Rewards” means the application software that acts as your reward account
  3. “Swissport” means Swissport GB Ltd whose registered address is Swissport House, Hampton Court, Manor Park, Runcorn, United Kingdom WA7 1TT
  4. “Guest” and “User” means you, the account holder and person that registered an account
  5. “Reward Points” are points that are gifted to you when you visit a participating lounge and that expire after 24 months of issue
  6. “Lounges” and “Participating Lounges” means Aspire Lounges located in the UK that allow guests to obtain Reward Points
  7. “E-Voucher” is a voucher that is awarded to the User upon exchange for a set amount of Rewards Points
  8. “Free Access” means a free visit to a Participating Lounge subject to availability and agreement to lounge terms and conditions of entry. These can be found on our website under
  9. “Marketing Communications” means email or other forms of communication by which we may communicate marketing messages via
  10. “Push Notifications” are notifications that will act as alerts on your smartphone.
  11. "Loyalty Account" is the account that is created upon creating a login into the Aspire Rewards application and is attributed to one person


  1. Guests must download the Aspire Rewards applications from the either Google Play or the Apple App Store to participate in the Aspire Rewards loyalty scheme.
  2. You must be over the age of 18 to download and register the Aspire Rewards Application.
  3. Guests must provide their first name, surname, title and email address in order to register for the Aspire Rewards application 
  4. Once created, a loyalty account cannot be shared between friends, family or any other person and points cannot be accrued by anyone other than the person named on the account.
  5. Users must provide a valid email address.

a. The email address must belong to the User and the User must have access to this in order to validate and access E-Vouchers.

b. Failure to provide a valid email address will result in E-Vouchers not being delivered.

c. Swissport shall not be liable for any delivery failure due to an incorrect or invalid email address being given and / or any local technical / network restrictions resulting in delivery failure of the E-Voucher.

d. Swissport, at our sole discretion, are under no obligation to investigate the delivery failure of any E-Vouchers pertaining to point 1.5.c.

e. By providing their email address, the User agrees to receive Marketing Communications from time to time and / or upon specific anniversaries or in relation to the interests and hobbies that the user expresses an interest in upon registering.

f. By default, upon registering, the User is agreeing to receive relevant Push Notifications which can be turned off within the Aspire Rewards application or in the Users mobile device settings at any time.


  1. Guests wishing to join Aspire Rewards and earn points must have downloaded and registered the Aspire Rewards App prior to checking into the lounge. Guests are welcome to download and register the device in the lounge reception area prior to checking into the lounge, however access to the full lounge facilities will not be given to any of the party until lounge check-in has been completed.
  2. The person who the app is registered to must be present, and checked into the lounge in the same transaction with their name matching their boarding card, in order to earn Rewards Points.

  3. i. Guests entering a participating lounge that have either a) paid on entry; or b) pre-booked directly via and have downloaded and registered their details on the Aspire Rewards Application will earn 4 points per whole pound (sterling) spent. 

    ii. Guests entering a participating lounge by any other method, such as but limited to, membership schemes, 3rd party pre-bookers, airline frequent flyer programs, other airline packages will earn a set amount of points displayed within the lounge at the time of visit.

    iii. Negotiation of point value will not be entered into.

    iv. It is the obligation of the guest to check the amount of points earned at the lounge they are visiting at time of entry

  4. In the event where more than one Guest in a party has downloaded and registered as an Aspire Rewards User and wish to enter as a group, then the amount of points can be split accordingly in line with point 2.

    a.It is the Guests responsibility to highlight their desire to split Rewards Points among multiple Aspire Rewards Users at the time of entry to the lounge.

    b. Rewards Points cannot be retrospectively split amongst multiple Users

  5. Claims cannot be made for retrospective visits, nor can claims be made for visits where the user has failed to present their Aspire Rewards application on arrival at the lounge
  6. Points will expire after 24 months from date of first issue in chronological order and will be deleted from a Users account.

    a. Swissport are under no obligation to re-issue any expired Points for any reason and no correspondence will be entered into.


  1. The Users device must be connected to the internet in order to view Rewards and E-Vouchers and redeem accrued points for Rewards and / or E-Vouchers
  2. Guests must have enough Reward Points within their account in order to obtain free access to a participating lounge. Guests must have access to the application and be able to show this to lounge staff in order to obtain free access.
  3. Aspire Rewards Points are not redeemable for cash.
  4. Reward Points can be used against a variety of rewards including, but not limited to, free lounge access to participating lounges and/or E-Vouchers.
  5. The amounts of Reward Points needed to redeem the reward of your choice will be clearly displayed on the application. You must have enough Reward Points on your account to redeem rewards through the app.
  6. Free access to Participating Lounges relies on network access for both the Guest and the Participating Lounge. For clarity, this means that unfortunately, during rare network outages, Free Access will not be possible.
  7. Free lounge visits cannot be pre-booked, and are subject to availability at the time of arrival.
  8. The guest who the app is registered to must be present to redeem Free Access.
  9. By redeeming Free Access and entering a participating lounge you agree to our standard Terms and Conditions and Terms of Entry.
  10. It is not currently possible to redeem points in part towards the cost of lounge access.
  11. Swissport, and any partners Swissport enters into an agreement with to facilitate the Aspire Rewards scheme, reserve the right, and without notice, to change the choices of rewards available and/or the points value of any or all rewards offered.
  12. Negotiations on refunds of points will not be entered into should Guests change their minds after their choice of E-Voucher redemption or those that have mistakenly exchanged points for E-Vouchers they subsequently do not want.
  13. E-Voucher purchases or exchanges on the app are one way transactions and cannot be undone or refunded under any circumstances. No correspondence will be entered into on this subject.
  14. Once the E-Voucher has been delivered, Swissport take no further liability. Any issues relating to purchases using the redeemed E-Voucher must be pursued with the relevant retailer.
  15. E-Vouchers will expire as advised on the email that is received once Reward points have been exchanged for an E-Voucher. Swissport cannot be held responsible for E-Vouchers that have expired as it is the guests responsibility to ensure that requested E-Vouchers are used within the advertised time period. No correspondence will be entered into nor will points be re-instated for E-Vouchers that have expired, have been misplaced, have been lost or that have not been delivered due to firewall or email filters.
  16. Specifically relating to Free Access, the Guests Statutory Rights remain unaffected.
  17. It is not currently possible to redeem points in full or part payment towards lounge extras including, but not limited to, Champagne, Prosecco, Cocktails, Spa Treatments and Premium Meals.


  1. Swissport reserves the right at all times in its absolute discretion and without notice to either amend these Terms and Conditions or terminate, withdraw or cancel the Aspire Rewards loyalty scheme.


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