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Prices From

$ 44.18 Per Adult


Welcome to the Aspire Lounge at San Diego Airport

Prices are inclusive of all taxes.

Irrespective of travel class or airline, the Aspire Lounge at San Diego Airport is open to all guests departing from terminal 2. Guests at this lounge can enjoy a range of facilities including: free WiFi, complimentary showers, dedicated business areas and facilities and an expansive food and beverage menu. Formerly the Airspace Lounge, this airport lounge allows guests to separate themselves from the busy airport concourse and work, play or simply relax.


Relax and unwind away from the busy San Diego Airport crowds at the Aspire Lounge at Terminal 2.

The Aspire Lounge provides a relaxing environment which allows guests to connect to the free WiFi and get some much needed pre-flight work completed, or simply browse on socials or stream your favourite shows.

To access the WiFi, see the network named Aspire Lounge and enter the following password, AspireSanDiego.

The Aspire lounge has been created for business and leisure guests alike. The lounge offers business facilities such as work areas, power outlets at all stations to making sure you’re fully charged at all times.

This airport lounge also allows guests to shower (free of charge) and freshen up.

Platinum and Centurion American Express cardholders receive complimentary entry to the Aspire Lounge for themselves and up to two guests. Eligible American Airlines, BA, JAL, and Edelweiss Guests are also permitted entry into this lounge based on their airline ticket. If you are unsure if your airline ticket permits you entry into this lounge, please contact your airline directly to get clarification on this.

Pets are not permitted into this airport lounge except for service animals. 

Purchasing entry into the Aspire Lounge provides you with a day pass to this lounge, so you can stay for up to 8 hours at this lounge. 

Cash is not accepted in the lounge at this time, card payments only.


The Aspire Lounge provides guests with a wide variety of food and beverage choices, allowing Aspire San Diego customers to separate themselves from the airport concourse and work, play or refresh for as little as $35 per entry.

Complimentary soft drinks and light snacks are provided in this lounge. 

This airport lounge also offers guests unlimited complimentary espresso, cappuccino and teas to enjoy throughout your visit.

A full bar is also available at this lounge. Please be advised, the legal drinking age in San Diego is 21.

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How long can I stay in the Aspire Lounge for?

When you purchase entry into the Aspire Lounge at San Diego, you purchase a day pass which allows you up to 8 hours in this airport lounge. 

Does this lounge have a good view of the airfield?

Yes, this lounge is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, meaning the busy airfield is viewable from a large proportion of the lounge. Not only this, but the bar sits in front of these windows meaning you can relax at the bar and take in the views.

Can this lounge be used on arrival?

Yes, if you arrive into Terminal 2 East, you can use the lounge on arrival, grab a coffee, freshen up and head off afterwards.   

Does this lounge have a shower?

Yes, this lounge has a shower which can be used by customers either before departing or on arrival.    

Can I get into this airport lounge for free?

Access to the lounge can be obtained via various methods such as when travelling on certain airlines in Business Class, with a Priority Pass, American Express® or Dragonpass card, all of which allow access into the lounge with a swipe of the card at reception.

We do not charge a separate fee to customers that gain access via these methods, but that's not to say you will not be charged by your card supplier, as some give unlimited yearly access whilst others give a limited number of lounge visits per year.

It's best to check before travelling with your provider. If you do not get access to the lounge via any of these methods, you can prebook on this site (for a reduced fee), or simply pay on the day.

Is this lounge after security?

Yes, this lounge is after security (we call this ‘airside’) meaning you will pass through security screening before being able to gain access. On the plus side, this does mean the hard work is done and you can sit back and relax before your flight.

Can I gain lounge access with my American Express® Platinum or Centurion card?

Yes, you can gain access to the lounge using these American Express® cards as long as you have an active account / card has not expired and you are the account holder. Simply show your AMEX card to the receptionist and gain access this way.

Can I gain lounge access to this lounge via ‘Lounge Key’ or my Credit Card?

Yes, we work extensively with ‘Lounge Key’ meaning your qualifying bank card can gain you access to the lounge. It’s always best to check your access privileges, before travelling, with your provider.

Does this lounge accept Dragonpass?

Yes, we work extensively with Dragonpass and Dragonpass via the Mastercard® Travel Pass, whereby qualifying Mastercard® customers can gain access with their bank card. If you are a Mastercard® customer, check your eligibility before you travel here.

How do Airport Lounges work?

On a simple level, our lounges offer a relaxing, comfortable place to stay before your flight. Unlike cafés and restaurants, we don’t want you to leave as soon as possible to free up a chair or sofa. We generally look after guests for 2 or 3 hours, offering Free WiFi, Food and Drink throughout your stay.

How you gain access is up to you. You can pre-book your visit on this site if you know your flight date / times. This is the most cost effective way of buying access. Alternatively, you may receive ‘travel perks’ with your bank account and are able to enter the lounge that way. Lastly, you may have an American Express® Platinum card, Priority Pass card or Dragonpass card – all of which allow access.

Can anyone use an airport lounge?

Yes, anyone can use the lounge either by paying on the day or by booking on this site (this is the cheapest method of paid entry). You don’t need to be travelling in First Class, Business Class or be part of any frequent flyer schemes. You can simply pay and use the lounge, with all the benefits such as complimentary Food, Drink, WiFi and a comfortable seat with fantastic views.

You can also gain access via many of the methods we accept such as Priority pass, Dragonpass, and American Express® Platinum cards.

Do you offer military/emergency worker discounts?

Yes. As part of our thank you to those serving in the military or those that work as emergency workers, we offer discounts to our lounges. We call it our ‘Thank U’ rate. The ‘Thank U’ rate reduces the price for entry below what you will pay on this website for pre-booking, so simply come to the lounge either in uniform or with a form of ID and gain access.

Further Lounge Info

Important Information

No Booking Fees

We do not charge booking fees and there are no other hidden fees in making a booking through us (

Dress Code

We understand that guests want to travel as comfortable as possible and our dress code reflects this. 

We do ask that guests do not wear items such as (but not limited to) baseball caps, sportswear (such as football shirts, football shorts, tracksuits or gym wear). We do not allow tour shirts, fancy dress or anything that may cause offence. Please refer to the standard Terms and Conditions.

Catching Your Flight

All lounges have flight information screens within the lounge and due to the number of flights departing at any one time, flight announcements aren't made by lounge staff - we'd ask you to keep an eye on when your flight leaves.

Getting to the Gate

To maintain a calm and peaceful ambience in our lounges, we don’t make flight announcements. Please make sure that you keep an eye on the flight information screens and leave enough time to get from the lounge to the gate.

Children & Infants

The lounge accepts children but we do ask that they be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Aspire Lounge Stay Duration

When you purchase entry into the Aspire Lounge at San Diego, you purchase a day pass which allows you up to 8 hours in this airport lounge. 


  • Accessible to all Terminal 2 customers at San Diego Airport
  • When you have passed through security, you can find the lounge between Terminal 2 East security and the bridge to Terminal 2 West.

Normal Opening Hours

Open daily 05:00 - 22:00

Dress Code

We understand that all our customers want to travel in comfortable clothing with our lounges having a relaxed 'Smart-Casual' dress code to reflect this.

This means we do allow items not typically associated with smart casual so that you can travel comfortably such as; Smart shorts (Chino Shorts / Cargo Shorts), Sandals, Smart Trainers, Non-Sport Fashion Tracksuits, Hooded Tops, Smart T-Shirts, Jeans etc.

We don’t allow clothing such as (but not limited to); Vest tops for men, Football / Rugby Team Shirts, Clothing with offensive slogans, baseball caps, tour shirts, fancy dress, onesies or ostentatious Christmas jumpers…(well ok, Christmas jumpers are fine).

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Food and Drink are subject to availability and seasonal changes

Lounge Location

  • Accessible to all Terminal 2 customers at San Diego Airport
  • When you have passed through security, you can find the lounge between Terminal 2 East security and the bridge to Terminal 2 West.


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