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Welcome to the Aspire Salon Lounge at Ottawa International Airport

Welcome to Ottawa International Airport's Aspire Salon Lounge! An exclusive experience at Ottawa Airport which is available for all passengers travelling through the airport to book. Enjoy a wide variety of complimentary food and beverages, free and unlimited Wi-Fi, panoramic airport views and much more before you fly. The lounge is open 10:00 - 18:00 daily.

Please note: 

Masks are mandatory while travelling through Ottawa International Airport, including whilst in the Aspire Lounge and must be worn at all times while inside the lounge, except while actively eating and drinking.

COVID-19 Measures in place at this lounge include:

  • Reduced capacity and spaced seating
  • Staff will wear PPE and are fully trained on COVID measures
  • Increased cleaning schedules
  • Hand sanitising stations throughout the lounge
  • Protective screens at reception and bar areas
  • Digital newspapers and magazines



Enjoy a comprehensive self-serve buffet serving hot and cold food and beverages throughout the day. Care has been taken to include local flavours such as real maple syrup, St. Alberts Cheese and locally roasted coffee. Other menu items include favourites from around the world that will appeal to the tastes of our international guests. We are very pleased to be able to cater to special dietary requirements. 

The lounge also offers a self-serve bar, providing a variety of beverages including soft drinks, hot and cold drinks and alcoholic beverages including beers, wines and spirits. 

If you have any questions about any of the food served in the lounge or want to seek allergy advice, please speak to a member of staff in the lounge. 


The Ottawa Airport Aspire Salon Lounge is a beautifully lit, warm and inviting environment to help you start your next trip in style.

Relax and enjoy a wide selection of complimentary self-service food and drinks at the lounge, comfortable seating areas, runway views and free and unlimited speedy Wi-Fi. The Ottawa Aspire Salon Lounge has been created to help passengers, irrespective of airline class start their trip in a calming and refreshing environment helping you to refuel ahead of your flight.  

The Ottawa Aspire Salon Lounge has been carefully designed to cater for both business and leisure travellers. The lounge is split into 4 sections, dine, work, lounge and relax. Lounge guests can also book access to separate business centre on the site which is charged at an additional cost with an a la carte food and beverage service available.

Guests are welcome to book the Aspire Salon Lounge for up to three hours prior to your flight flight departure time. You can purchase lounge entry online via ExecutiveLounges.com or by walk up on the day. The comfort and safety of our guests is priority and as such, we do respect the regulations regarding maximum capacity; entrance is subject to availability.

Getting to the lounge

The Lounge is accessible to all those travelling domestically and internationally. Unfortunately, those travelling Trans-Border are not able to access the area that the lounge resides. To access the Aspire Salon Lounge, please continue through security. Once you have passed security, turn left and follow the signs leading to gate 20. The Aspire Salon Lounge entrance is on the right hand side just after gate 18. 

Gate walking times

  • Gates 13-16=5-10 mins
  • Gates 17-22=1- 5 mins
  • Gates 23-29=1-5 mins

If you would like to view a map of the Ottawa International Airport terminal, click the button below. 

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Aspire Lounge Food Menu

Food & Drink Menu

Fabulous Food & Drinks

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ASPIRE Lounge Location

Lounge Location

Directions to help you find our lounge

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Guaranteed Seats At The Edinburgh Aspire Lounge


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How long can I stay in the lounge?

This varies by lounge. At the majority of lounges, it is 3 hours prior to flight departure. This information will be clearly displayed on the first step of the booking process as well as on each individual lounge page.

Your time in the lounge may also be limited by lounge opening and closing times. These times are again detailed on the individual lounge page.

If you would like to enter the lounge for more than 3 hours before your flight departure time, this would needs to be booked as an extended stay. 

In order to book for an extended stay, for example to book a 6 hours time slot, you would need to make 2 separate bookings via our website. The best way to do this is as follows:
Example: You are wanting to access the lounge from 8:00am-14:00pm
When making the first booking you will need to put down that the flight time is 14:00pm, this will then give you access from 11:00am (3 hour time slot)
The 2nd booking you make you will need to input the flight time as 11:00am, this will then gain you access from 08:00am (3 hour time slot)....which now in total has given you a full 6 hours of continuous stay.

Does this lounge have a dress code?

We understand that all our customers want to travel in comfortable clothing with our lounges having a relaxed dress code to reflect this. We do ask that guests refrain from wearing sportswear (such as football shirts, tracksuits, baseball caps etc) and clothing with offensive slogans. Smart, tailored shorts are accepted.

Who are airport lounges open to?

All travellers, no matter which airline or class of travel, are welcome. It's a common misconception that you have to be a first or business class passenger to get access to an airport lounge, and this isn't the case. We do however ask that passengers adhere to our smart casual dress code which is outlined below.

How do airport lounges differ from the busy cafés or restaurants in the airport?

We are very different - Our lounges offer simple snacks and light meals away from the hustle and bustle of the main airport terminal, but we don't offer full meals. Cafes and restaurants offer full meals within the main terminal area, however if you've travelled through and airport recently, you'll know how busy these establishments can get. So if you're looking to help yourself to a range of snacks, along with a few drinks, free WiFi, great customer service and a tranquil environment with a guaranteed seat, airport lounges are for you.

Further Lounge Info

Important Information

Charging Points

This lounge provides charging points around the lounge allowing you to charge your gadgets prior to your journey.

Drinks, Snacks & Hot Food

Drinks and snacks are provided completely free of charge. We do ask that you enjoy the food and drink within the lounge and don't take it out.

Some items are only available at selected times of the day (ie breakfast items). Champagne and Prosecco are available for an additional charge during the booking process. Alcohol is not available to anyone under the age of 18.

We're Open to All Travelers

We welcome all travelers whether you are travelling economy or first class and as long as you agree to our terms and conditions of entry and have a valid boarding pass. We are also open to you no matter which airline you are travelling with. Do make sure that your flight leaves from the terminal you are booking.

Length of Stay

Standard stay time in our lounges is 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight. If your flight is delayed, and have booked directly with us, you can remain in the lounge through our Guaranteed Delay Cover, until your flight is ready to board.

Getting to the Gate

To maintain a calm and peaceful ambience in our lounges, we don’t make flight announcements. Please make sure that you keep an eye on the flight information screens and leave enough time to get from the lounge to the gate.

Children & Infants

The lounge accepts children but we do ask that they be accompanied by an adult at all times.

No Booking Fees

We do not charge booking fees and there are no other hidden fees in making a booking through us (executivelounges.com).


  • Once through security, turn left and follow the signs leading to gate 20. The Aspire Salon Lounge entrance is on the right hand side just after gate 18.

Normal Opening Hours

10:00 - 18:00 daily. Please note that these hours are subject to change

Dress Code

The dress code is smart casual. Shorts are permitted. No clothing with offensive images, wording or any other items that could be perceived as inappropriate will be permitted. 

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Food and Drink are subject to availability and seasonal changes

Lounge Location

  • Once through security, turn left and follow the signs leading to gate 20. The Aspire Salon Lounge entrance is on the right hand side just after gate 18.


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