Price Match Terms and Conditions

Price match is only applicable to Swissport GB owned and operated lounges in the UK.

Swissport will not discount the booking fee, if applicable, on top of the reduced entry price, nor will Swissport reduce the price to take into account any incurred charges for cancelling an existing booking with any third party retailer.

Swissport are under no obligation to reduce any further.

Swissport will not enter into negotiation on price.

Price match is for lounge entry only and does not include extra items including, but not limited to, Champagne, Prosecco and Cocktails.

Swissport will match the total price of any lounge booking, and will not match individual booking elements - for example matching the price of adult or child entry only.

Swissport will Price Match against offers or discounts for standalone lounge entry only. We will not Price Match where lounge access is included in a bundle with Airport Parking and/or Hotel Stays or other such packages.

Swissport will not Price Match where an alternative retailer has offered a customer free or complimentary lounge access.

Swissport will not Price Match where a customer has been offered a discount by a third party retailer as way of compensation following correspondence between said third party retailer and the customer.

It is the responsibility of the customer to provide evidence of their claim. Swissport are under no obligation to accept Price Match claims that are illegible or corrupt or un-verifiable for any reason.

Swissport reserve the right to conduct their own investigations where necessary in order to prevent fraudulent claims.

Price Match claims must be submitted and approved before the date of travel.

Swissport reserve the right, following an investigation, to refuse a Price Match claim. The decision of Swissport will be final and Swissport is under no obligation to enter into correspondence.

Swisport reserve the right to withdraw or alter this promotion or it's Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice.

Standard Terms and Conditions and Terms of Entry apply.


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