Pre-Book Your Aspire Lounge Visit

Dragon Pass and Priority Pass cardholders can now pre-book their next UK & Ireland Aspire Lounge visits for just a £5 fee 




We're sorry but your party size must be approved by our friendly customer services team in line with our Group Booking policy detailed in our Terms and Conditions.

Please call us on +44 (0)161 694 7220 (between 9am - 5pm GMT Mon - Fri).

Please do not make multiple bookings in order to override as it may mean that the group is refused access.

Cardholder Pre-Bookings

Priority Pass & Dragon Pass Cardholders Can Now Pre-Book Aspire Lounge Visits

Due to a high volume of demand, and to help our customers feel safe, reassured and confident that they can access a calm space away from the busy airport terminal, we have decided to allow Dragon Pass and Priority Pass cardholders to pre-book UK & Ireland Aspire Lounge* visits.

Priority Pass Dragon Pass

Dragon Pass and Priority Pass customers can now pre-book a visit to your favourite UK & Ireland Aspire Lounge* for just £5 per person. 

Aspire Lounges can often quickly reach their capacity, due to this, we recommend cardholders pre-book their visits where possible to get guaranteed entry on the day of their lounge visit. 

*Read on to find out exactly which lounges are available to pre-book. 

Aspire Lounge Luton Seating

You can now pre-book a visit to a UK & Ireland Aspire Lounge

Brand New Aspire Lounge

Pre-book for just £5 per person

How do I pre-book an Aspire Lounge as a cardholder?

Pre-booking your next Aspire Lounge visit as a Priority Pass or Dragon Pass cardholder is easy. To book your visit, simply contact a member of our customer services team with the name of the lounge you would like to book, the date, your flight departure time and the number of people in your party. You can contact a member of the customer service team via:

  • Live Chat - open up the chat box on this website, raise a request for a cardholder pre-booking by sharing your name and contact number and we will call you to make your booking. Live Chat is only manned between 10am - 4pm UK time, but any queries sent outside of these hours will be picked up as soon as possible.
  • Email - you can email us on, please share your name and contact number and we will call you to make your booking.
  • Call -  0161 694 7220 the phone is manned from 10am - 4pm UK time, if you are not able to get through, please leave a message with your name and number and we will call you back 
  • Website form - you can also complete our website form at anytime and we will get back to you as soon as we can To complete the form, click here.
  • Twitter - direct message us on Twitter @AirportLounges
  • Facebook - private message us on Facebook

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have a self-service option for Dragon Pass and Priority Pass cardholder pre-bookings.

Which Aspire Lounges can I pre-book?

The Aspire Lounges cardholder pre-booking scheme applies to all UK & Ireland Aspire Lounges (excluding Club Aspire Lounges at Gatwick and Heathrow), please see a full list below:

  • Belfast City Airport Aspire Lounge
  • Birmingham Airport Aspire Lounge
  • Birmingham Airport Aspire Lounge (South)
  • Bristol Airport Aspire Lounge
  • Cork Airport Aspire Lounge
  • Edinburgh Airport Aspire Lounge
  • New Edinburgh Airport Aspire Lounge
  • Humberside Airport Aspire Lounge
  • Inverness Airport Aspire Lounge
  • Liverpool John Lennon Airport Aspire Lounge
  • Luton Airport Aspire Lounge
  • Manchester Airport Terminal 1 Aspire Lounge
  • Manchester Airport Terminal 2 Aspire Lounge
  • Newcastle Airport Aspire Lounge

Adding extras to your booking

Not only can you now pre-book as a Priority Pass or Dragon Pass customer, you can also add premium drinks such as cocktails, prosecco and champagne to your booking, which is charged at an additional cost. 

You can also now create mixed guest bookings, for example, if you have a priority pass card but you are travelling with others who do not, you can pre-book your entry to the lounge (charged at £5) and also pre-book other guests for the pre-booking price at the same time. You can also add a cardholder (for a £5 charge) to pre-existing bookings.

Checking-in at the lounge as a cardholder pre-booker

After you have booked your lounge visit, you should receive a booking confirmation email to the email address you have provided the Customer Services team with. Please double check your email for spelling mistakes or typing errors ahead of sending this to our team. 

Your booking conformation will state the lounge you have booked, your flight departure time, the time you can enter the lounge from, the number of guests booked onto your visit and the kind entrances you have purchased. 

Please note, if you have pre-booked a visit to any Aspire Lounge using a cardholder scheme (Priority Pass or Dragon Pass),  you will be asked to present your card in addition to your booking confirmation upon arrival at the lounge. Anyone who fails to provide a valid card, will be denied entry to the lounge.

If you have made a booking for more than one person, but do not have enough credits on your card for this on the day, you will be asked to pay the walk up price at the lounge or you will be denied entry.

The Aspire Airport Lounge at Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Cardholder Pre-booking Scheme Terms & Conditions 

Priority Pass and Dragon Pass cardholders can only pre-book a visit to UK & Irish Aspire Lounges. Pre-bookings to these lounges are only accepted when they are made via, the only exception to this rule is for those who are able to pre-book an Aspire Lounge via their Dragon Pass membership.

All cardholders who pre-book must pay a £5 charge per person to create a valid pre-booking. 

If a cardholder makes a pre-bookings and fails to present a valid card, or the card they have stated they have on their pre-booking, the lounge can refuse entry. 

If a cardholder makes a booking for multiple guests using the cardholder pre-booking scheme (paying £5 per person on the booking) but does not have enough credits on their card on the day of their visit to accommodate this, this cardholder's guests will be asked to pay the walk-up price on the day or denied entry. If you are denied entry for this reason, you will not be eligible for a refund. 

Cardholder pre-bookings are still subject to availability, if the lounge is fully booked on the day you are trying to book, we will be unable to process your booking. For this reason, we advise pre-booking as far in advance as possible. 

If you are requesting a group booking using your cardholder scheme, please be advised, you cannot exceed the maximum group limit at each lounge.


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