Top Travel Gadgets

Our gadgets have become part of the family. From business travellers to conference speakers, new families, old families and whole families; the golfing tour to the weekend wine tasters; the culture vultures and the backpackers, holiday-goers just can’t part with their tech these days.
But what are the must have holiday gadgets for 2015? Here’s our pick of the quirkiest, the most stylish, durable and above all the most useful gadgets for your trip this year – don’t leave home without them.

Solar Monkey Adventurer (from £85)

Never miss that perfect photo or video call home again. The Solar Monkey Adventurer is a solar-powered charger that connects to your phone and tablet, giving you peace of mind when you’re on the move that you’ll always be connected, no matter where your journey takes you. When the sun goes down, the internal battery kicks in and your devices go all night. Thai Full moon party or moonlight on the Seine – never miss the chance to capture the moment.
Perfect For: Backpackers

Kindle Paperwhite (from £100)

All your books, all in one place: the Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon is the saviour of bookworms everywhere. With storage for up to 1100 titles and the latest built-in light technology designed to give you the perfect read - you’ll think it’s the real thing.
Perfect: Lounging by the pool

The Re-Timer (from £179)

Beat jet lag for good. Not the most stylish pair, the Re-Timer glasses make up for it in in pure engineering genius. Emitting a gentle green light into your eyes, Re-Timer harmonises your Circadian rhythm, re-setting your body clock - letting you get on with your trip and travel stress-free.
Perfect for: Long haul flights

Olympus SP-620UZ (from £145)

For the snapper on the move, the Olympus SP-620UZ is small, light, and packs a real punch. The lightning speed autofocus and blink-of-an-eye image review let you shoot all day, every day, and the incredible 21x zoom means you’ll never miss a shot again. Best of all? It’s a steal at under £150.
Best For: Sightseeing

Like A Local (from Free – offers in-app purchases)

Unexpected detour whilst backpacking or just bored of the same old tourist sites? Like A Local is a smartphone and tablet app with tons of great bars, restaurants, cafés and sights all selected by locals who’ve seen and done it all a thousand times. Cast off the socks and sandals and go above and beyond the open-top bus: experience your destination like a local for a unique trip you’ll never forget.
Perfect For: Student Travellers

But, what are the alternatives?

So you’re not a gadget guru, not to worry! There’s plenty of alternative options to keep you entertained without the need of high-end technology. Why not pick up a glossy mag or newspaper from one of our executive lounges? We also provide you with free Wi-Fi and charging facilities for your phone and iPad!

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