Things to do at the airport

Looking for Things to Do at the Airport?

For most people, airport’s can a rather expensive waste of time.. By that we mean that there can be a lot of waiting around, and as such, you may find yourself purchasing pocket fans, sweets, endless coffees and other items that you don’t necessarily need.

The Standard Airport Experience

Well there is the obvious Duty Free Shopping, but if you are flying within the EU then there is not that much to be saved.

You could get yourself something to eat, but even then a good proportion of your time will be spent waiting for your order to be cooked and when you consider drinks, you may be saying goodbye to some holiday money too.

You might be one of the lucky few who find a seat…but then it may not be too comfy or at all private.

Then there is WiFi. A lot of airports offer WiFi to departing passengers. A few offer WiFi for free. Some limit your usage to half an hour.

An Upgraded Airport Experience?

Luckily there is another way to spend your time at an airport.

There is somewhere where you can enjoy the wait. Relaxing in a comfortable chair, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy terminal.

Somewhere with complimentary drinks, snacks and light bites to eat and somewhere where there is free wifi to log onto – for the whole time that you wait for your flight.

Next time you fly, you could try an Aspire Airport Lounge. Yes, there is a cost to gain access to the airport lounge, but when you add up what you could have spent in the main terminal, it can be great value for money.

Some Aspire lounges even have Family Booths with their own smart TV – guaranteed to keep children entertained for a couple of hours.

Start your next trip at the airport and discover the secret to happy travel.

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