The most haunted destinations around the world

How many people believe in ghosts? Can you actually feel their presence? Believers will reply in a series of nods as they dish out treasured ghost stories. In truth, many would like to believe in the possibility of the supernatural, but there are always sceptics. Why not join us in our ghost hunt as we visit some of the world’s scariest, most mysterious haunted destinations, to get you in the mood for Halloween. If the zombie costumes and splashes of blood aren’t enough to send shivers down your spine, then our list of haunted destinations is sure to have you running to the exit as you experience the world’s most horrific hauntings, vengeful spirits and unexplained paranormal activity.


Aokigahara, Mount Fuji, Japan

If you’re looking for a real life haunting, complete with high paranormal activity and over 100 bodies found hanging in the depths of a dark sprawling forest after all committing suicide, this destination might be up your street. Just how many people have decided to end their lives here is something of a mystery, but what rings true is the sheer number of bodies found over the years. It is apparent, if you are brave enough to visit, that there is something not quite right about the place. You may notice the overhanging trees enclosing all visitors in a dark, eerie blanket of silence, which is further reiterated by the lack of wildlife. The expected sounds of bird song, chirping and flapping in the trees are subdued, as if they have rejected the place or fled from its chilling exterior. 

Island of the Dolls, Xochimilco, Mexico

The Island of the Dolls is more chilling than it sounds. It’s a far cry from a children’s nursery boasting the most delightful toys, puzzles and games. This haunted island attracts hundreds of thrill seekers and photographers looking for a fright, but this was never meant as a tourist attraction. The trees are adorned with hundreds of dolls, many of which have become decapitated or partly destroyed over the years, and some covered in thick spider webs, giving the island an extremely sinister atmosphere. The dolls symbolise the wandering, lost soul of a young girl who had drowned in an unknown accident and was unable to resuscitate. The bizarre creation was initiated with the hope the dolls would somehow appease the troubled ghost and her screams would no longer be heard by the locals. 

The Forbidden City, Beijing, China

Located in the heart of Beijing, for 600 years the Forbidden City was an imperial palace for the rich and famous. Over the years the palace was home to vengeful betrayal as a nest of servants murdered one another for influence. Thousands have lived and died within its blood drenched walls. As a result, many culture-hungry tourists visit the palace in the hope of uncovering a masterpiece but instead claim to see ghosts there. The rumours started back in 1995 when a guard and two of his companions encountered a ghost. In a state of fear the men chased after the woman considered a thief. It was only as the ‘woman’ dressed all in black turned around, they were shocked and dropped their flashlights. The woman had a lot of hair, but no face. 

Bhangarh Fort, Bhangarh, India

This historic hideaway is perhaps the most haunted in India, with a chilling story in place to ward off visitors. As per legend, there was once a sorcerer who put a curse on the residents that they would all die an unnatural death and their spirits would be left to haunt the building forever. People now fear the building and locals keep their distance so not to disturb the spirits. Believe us, this is not a ghost hunt for the faint hearted as it is said those who enter after dusk never return! 

Paris Catacombs, Paris, France

Visit the darker side of Paris with a tour of the Catacombs, where thousands of people were buried in the 18th century. If you are not familiar with the term les catacombs, we’ll paint a picture for you. These are man-made passageways, essentially a tunnel with rooms, which are used as a burial place. What makes this resting place stand above all others? As you walk down the corridors you are faced with thousands of human remains cemented into the walls, just staring back at you. Ancient skeletons dating back years are revealed at every turn, harbouring unknown spirits. 

Ever come across the supernatural on your travels? If so, share your experiences via our Facebook and let us know of any legends or ghost stories that will spook our readers this Halloween.

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