The Best Flight Hacks

Anybody who has ever been to the airport will know that even though the monitored system of getting people through check in and onto a flight is completely necessary for everyone’s safety, it can also be pretty tiring! That’s why we endeavour to make things easier, through little helpful hints and tips that will keep you just as excited for your holiday from booking to finally lying on that far flung beach.

Have a read below at our latest and greatest flight hacks that will help make your trip through the airport a delight and even as far as being luxurious!

Clear Your Cache When Booking Tickets

Even before you’ve booked your flight, you can already ensure that you get the best deal. The first tip is obviously to shop around and compare prices as much as possible so that you can find flights at reasonable prices. But second and most importantly, make sure you can clear your cache and cookies on your web browser, or alternatively, use incognito mode. If you do this on a daily basis, it means old searches won’t be remembered, and subsequently old prices won’t be shown. This will leave you free to search for newer, cheaper prices on different days.

Check In Online

Most airlines now offer the option to check in online, making the first part of your airport experience a lot easier. This includes printing out your boarding passes at home, dropping any luggage at a bag drop inside the airport and avoiding those massive queues at check in desks.

Book an Executive Lounge

Now maybe this is an obvious one, but if you want to avoid queues for food and drink as well as have a comfortable and relaxing wait for your flight, book an airport lounge. With complimentary food and drink, free wifi and a relaxing atmosphere to avoid the hustle and bustle of making your way through an airport, you can’t go far wrong when booking an Executive lounge.

Take a Water Bottle

Amongst other items, water can be pretty expensive when bought at the airport, so it’s best to bring an empty bottle to fill up once you are past security. You will end up saving money by not buying extras, and especially on a long flight, you will keep yourself hydrated.

Download Airport App

You might find that when going to a new destination, you will find yourself in an airport you’ve never visited. As they are fairly large buildings it is easy to get lost, which isn’t always ideal when you are against the clock and trying to catch a flight on time. Make sure to download an airport information app, which should give you a layout and useful directions on your phone, so you don’t end up in the wrong terminal by mistake.

Portable Charger

Unless you’re lucky enough to find an unguarded plug (which isn’t advisable in a busy airport), it’s a good idea to bring along a portable charger, that will at least double your phone’s battery. This will mean you have your entertainment, information and ability to contact people all in one place. Especially when you have a lengthy wait, if you don’t have any other forms of entertainment, a phone can be a vital source of fun.

Make Your Suitcase Identifiable

Once you’ve completed your journey to sunnier climbs, the only waiting that you will need to do is when you collect your luggage. This process can’t usually be made any quicker but it can be made easier by making your suitcase as identifiable as possible. Bright colours, tags, or even a unique pattern can make it stand out, which means you can grab it and go enjoy an amazing holiday.

To book your Executive Lounge today, head over to our lounge pages so you can find out which one you can use on your journey.



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