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General background

We get a lot of customers contacting us about what is appropriate to wear within our lounges and so thought it would be a good idea to document some of the dress code here.

Firstly, we don't want customers to set off on their travels uncomfortable in full morning suits (although feel free to wear a suit if you so wish). All we do ask is that customers dress in a smart casual fashion so that we maintain a nice environment for all customers to enjoy.

So, we've determined that we allow guests to wear smart casual clothing, but...

What is classed as 'smart casual' we hear you cry?

Everybody's interpretation of 'smart casual' is different and so with that in mind, we've listed items that we don't allow to make it easier. Generally, if you don't wear any of the below and dress smart yet casual, you should have no issues with our dress code policy (which is listed here if you would like to read it:

We do not allow... A guide (not exhaustive):

Fancy dress of any sort; we take this quite seriously as fancy dress is often linked with stag and hen parties, both of which are never allowed. We've yet to hear of a serious business deal being undertaken in fancy dress, hence why this rule applies.

Tracksuits; We understand that whilst trends change and track suits become more and more popular, we would like guests to refrain from wearing sports related tracksuits. On the other hand, fashionable track suits are OK if you wish to wear these to travel in.

Shorts; if we had a pound for every time we got asked whether shorts were allowed in our lounges, we'd have £236,456. On a serious note, we again understand that shorts are very comfortable to travel in, however try to remain smart with them. So chino shorts are a yes, whereas football shorts are a no.

Baseball caps; No, we never allow these as they don't aid the traveller in making the journey more comfortable.

Clothing with offensive images / swear words; This is fairly self explanatory - so items with these kind of things are never allowed. If you do want to travel in this kind of clothing, either bring a spare change of clothes or be prepared to spend a lot of money in the coffee shops where the drinks aren't complimentary.

Hooded tops; Now these are cosy. We understand that...and they're great to travel in. However, please ensure that you are generally smartly dressed and that the hooded top is also smart in appearance and we should be just fine. Wear your old hooded top that you used to use for painting and / or rugby practice and we may not.

Onesies; No.

Rollers in hair; OK so this may not be 'clothing' related but we do not allow people admittance with rollers in their hair.

Football / Rugby / Sports team shirts/shorts; We don't allow any team shirts or shorts. You may want to shout about how much you love them, but we don't allow you to do this in our lounges.


Please note, that if you do wear items that we do not allow, you will not get access to the lounge and will not be entitled to a refund in part or in full.

If you have any questions related to this or still want to check, please contact us by chatting or hitting the contact button.

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