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News Article

15 th Apr 2014

The stress free, money saving, start to your holiday


We have all been there. You finished packing everything that you and the children need for 3 months away, despite the fact that your holiday is only for two weeks. Having forced the suitcase shut just after 2am, you go to bed. You just start dozing off when your alarm blares loudly. Yep, it’s holiday time!

Half way to the airport, no-one remembers locking the front door, so with all the skill of a rally driver, you force the car into a 180° turn and race back home to find that indeed, someone did lock it. You eventually get to the airport car park, find a space, and pick out what must be the terminal on the horizon. 

After arriving at the airport and queuing for what seems to be half of your holiday, you (and the children) finally make it into the departure hall. It’s busy, noisy and far too lively. Desperate to sit down and finally let the relaxation begin, you start scanning. You spot 3 seats in the middle of the main lounge, not really enough, hardly quiet, barely relaxing and comfortable? The children are hungry, you're all bored, harassed and uncomfortable. You buy WiFi access and then stand in more queues for breakfasts, teas and coffees, a couple of magazines and a newspaper. You've now used up a quarter of your holiday spends before you have even left the airport.

It’s  finally time to fly. You get to the gate, frazzled, exhausted and significantly poorer that you were 3 hours ago. Boarding the aircraft, something catches your eye. It’s another family, just like yours, only this one looks calm, refreshed, and happy. What do they know that you don't?

It’s been a well kept secret. It’s how to take the drama and fuss out of being at the airport. It’s where you can relax and refresh. It’s where your holiday begins and it is exclusively for everyone. It is the brand new Aspire airport lounge at Newcastle airport.

Whatever the reason for your travel, and whatever your airline or class of travel, you will find a warm welcome waiting for you. Check into the lounge and let us take the stress out of travelling. Sit back and relax in comfortable and contemporary surroundings, choose from a wide variety of premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Help yourself to a light bite to eat, all included in the price.

For total peace and tranquillity  choose a seat in the quiet zone and catch up on the latest news from one of our complimentary newspapers and magazines. Families can take advantage of one of the fabulous family booths, each equipped with a personal smart TV – an ideal way to keep the children entertained with one of their favourite shows using the on-demand services.

Logging onto the free WiFi is simple allowing you (and the children) to while away the time surfing the internet. Don’t worry about depleting the battery  on your device before you fly, charging facilities are free-to-use and available throughout the lounge.

For those rare occasions where work have actually paid for your flight, persuade them to include access to the Aspire lounge. You can continue your working day in one of the individual work booths, a personal space in which to make a phone call or finish that presentation.

For those even rarer occasions where you and your significant other are flying without the children, why not treat yourself to an upgrade to the AspirePlus lounge? The separate, dedicated ‘lounge within a lounge’ offers exclusive extras. Found within the Aspire lounge, the AspirePlus lounge is an adults only retreat offering airfield views, opulent surroundings, dedicated staff and fabulous food and drink.The exclusive Spey Whisky bar provides a fantastic selection of complimentary premium alcoholic drinks such as Grey Goose vodka along with a selection of premium wines and beers. Of course, complimentary 12 year old single single malt Spey Whisky is on offer to all AspirePlus guests.

An enhanced selection of hot and cold food is available for all guests using the AspirePlus lounge, in addition to the standard Aspire complimentary menu. Get your day off to a great start with a Bacon & Sausage sandwich or a Mini Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel.  Those travelling at lunch time can grab an exclusive Antipasto Platter for lunch, Mushroom Ravioli with Pesto drizzle or simply help yourself to a Trio of Mini Pies washed down with an rum infused speciality beer. Those preferring a lighter snack can peruse the abundance of items available on the bistro table with gourmet cheese boards, continental breads (with balsamic and olive oil dip), pates, terrines and chutneys or enjoy a Tregroes Chocolate Waffle.

Private SnoozePods (in single or dual occupancy) allow guests to recline and relax in their own personal space. Each SnoozePod contains a private Smart TV with on-demand services, free WiFi and private charging facilities. 

With prices from £18.99 per adult, you too can save money, hassle and stress and discover the secret to happy travel. 


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