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Do you remember when you were younger, waking up to see the ground covered in a layer of crisp white snow was just about the best thing that could happen? Nowadays, the sight fills you with dread, the commute is bad enough without it. How can a few inches of snow cause such chaos?

Unfortunately it’s not just the roads that are affected by the dreaded white stuff. Flight schedules are thrown into disarray, it’s the travellers worst nightmare and levels of uncertainty are high, "Will I fly, won't I?". As you come to terms with having to endure an extra while longer in the airport, you long to be somewhere warm with comfortable seats, bottomless cups of tea and a bite to eat to keep you going while you long for that boarding call.

We might not be able to control the weather, or guarantee that you'll reach your destination on time, but one thing you can count on us for, is peace of mind. Peace of mind that no matter how long the delay, you can remain in the safety of the Aspire Lounge, until it's time to hop onto your flight, thanks to our Guaranteed Delay Cover.

If you book your lounge access direct with us (at, we promise that you can stay calm and relaxed in our lounge until your flight is ready to board. Our Delay Cover is included with every booking made on our website for our UK owned and operated lounges. No other online retailer offers this and you will be limited to a maximum of 3 hours.

Peace of mind - standard with

Please note that Club Aspire London Heathrow T3 and Aspire Lounge at London Heathrow T5 are not included in this scheme.

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