Autumn festivals around the world

When you think of autumn in the UK, it is appropriate to conjure images such as leaves turning brown, a slight nip in the air as winter approaches and thick coats making a return. But as the daylight hours slowly dwindle in this country, there’s nothing wrong with looking overseas to find an illuminating adventure that will brighten up your season.

There are a huge range of destinations to explore this autumn that have festivals taking place, with plenty to see and do for you and the whole family. Below you will find a rundown of the best autumn festivals, celebrating all kinds of cultural events around the globe.


Munich (Germany) – 19th September – 4th October

Celebrated by at least six million people attending every year, Oktoberfest is now a staple event in German culture. Renowned for beer drinking, parades, music and a fun fair atmosphere, it is one huge European party enjoyed by family and friends alike.
If you have missed out on festivals over the summer period, Oktoberfest is sure to make up for it, so is always worth a visit. Also it can be the first year you can say to people you visited a genuine German market, rather than one in your local city centre at Christmas.

Things to remember:
  • Research the festival and plan your trip around the events
  • Book your accommodation well in advance
  • Explore as much as you can, there is so much to see!


International Balloon Fiesta

Albuquerque (New Mexico, USA) – 3rd – 11th October

Prepare to feast your eyes on hundreds of Hot-Air Balloons rising into the air, dotting the sky with a whole range of colourful designs. As well as being a true spectacle to behold, the festival also includes, music, fireworks and as much family-friendly fun as you can cram into a gondola.
Things to remember:
  • Find out about the festival beforehand and download a map
  • Book your tickets for the festival in advance
  • Plan your trip around the events

Halloween Parade - New York

New York (USA) – 31st October
NYC is usually known for its magical Christmas, but it seems Halloween should also be considered if you need an alternative to your standard trick or treating. Get ready for elaborate costumes, colourful banners, huge puppets and one breath taking parade. Boasting dancers, artists, and different bands playing every year, this boisterous festival might be just the thing to brighten up your autumn.
Things to remember:
  • Prepare yourself with a costume of your own
  • Research the theme beforehand
  • If you want to join the parade, join it on 6th Avenue at Canal Street 

Day of Dead

Mexico (Various locations) – 31st October – 2nd November
The Day of the Dead (or Dia de los Muertos), is a celebration of the dead, whether that be loved ones or otherwise, and involves making traditional Mexican dishes as an offering. Usually taking place over the same period as Halloween, this unconventional festival turns traditional spookiness on its head; turning fear and sadness into a time of happiness and enjoyment to be had by all.
Locations such as Mexico City, the island of Janitzio and Oaxaca all celebrate the Day of the Dead in unique ways. Expect lots of food, partying, a procession of bright colours and costumes in the beating heart of Mexico.
Things to remember:
  • Research your destination
  • Go with an open mind and respect local traditions
  • Book accommodation in advance 
For all of these amazing autumn festivals, book yourself into one of our executive lounges and start as you mean to go on. Get comfortable before you jet off to a once in a lifetime experience, revelling in the festivities of different cultures and bringing back some unforgettable memories.

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