Terms and Conditions

Lounge Facilities Terms and Conditions

1 General

  1. "Lounge Facilities" means the provision of a waiting area in the departure area of the Airport with seating and refreshment facilities including but not limited to:
    1. a range of alcoholic beverages, wines, beers and spirits
    2. a range of soft drinks;
    3. tea and coffee;
    4. a choice of snacks and small food items; and
    5. a range of magazines and newspapers;
  2. "Servisair" means Servisair UK Limited whose registered office is at Servisair House, Hampton Court, Manor Park, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 1TT
  3. "Customer" means the person, firm or company booking the use of Lounge Facilities.
  4. "Airport" means the airport from which the Customer is travelling.
  5. "Charges" means the charges paid by the Customer to Servisair in respect of Lounge Facilities in accordance with Servisair's charging structure which may be amended by Servisair from time to time.
  6. The headings in these conditions are for convenience only and shall not affect their interpretation.
  7. Words in the singular shall include the plural and vice versa, references to any gender shall include the other, reference to legal persons shall include natural persons and vice versa.

2 Formation of Contract

  1. The Lounge Facilities are provided by Servisair subject to these terms and conditions, the acceptance of which the Customer shall confirm and agree by the act of booking the Lounge Facilities and paying the Charges.
  2. No representative, employee or sales person or agent of Servisair has Servisair's authority to vary, amend or waive any of these conditions.
  3. These terms and conditions will prevail over any terms or conditions proposed by the Customer orally or on any order form or similar document and any such other terms and conditions proposed shall not be binding on Servisair.

3 Lounge Facilities

  1. All specifications, descriptions, drawings, photographs or illustrations of the Lounge Facilities and any advertising matter and sample books are only intended to serve as a guide and not to be relied upon by the Customer or treated as binding or as forming part of these conditions or any contract with the Customer.
  2. Servisair shall use its reasonable endeavours to provide the Lounge Facilities during the hours advertised for each Airport, but reserves the right to vary the hours of operation or close the executive lounge due to refurbishment, relocation or otherwise in which case an alternative executive lounge facility will be provided or a refund of the Charges will be made at the discretion of Servisair.
  3. Servisair shall use its reasonable endeavours to ensure a suitable environment is maintained in the Lounge Facilities including but not limited to keeping the area where Lounge Facilities are provided clean and tidy, ensuring staff are on hand to respond to any queries and ensuring the removal from the lounge area of any persons whose behaviour is unsuitable.
  4. Servisair shall have the right to refuse a Customer entry to the Lounge Facilities for any statutory, regulatory or Airport policy reasons including but not limited to health and safety policies or fire regulations.
  5. In order to maintain Customer expectations children are not permitted to use the Lounge Facilities in certain Lounges. Please check the individual Lounge information on this website for details. In the event that children are permitted access to the Lounge, they should be accompanied in all Lounge Facilities by a Customer over the age of eighteen years at all times.

4 Charges

  1. Charges payable for the Lounge Facilities shall be as stated in the price list (current at the date of booking). Prices are inclusive of VAT and other forms of government sales taxes and/or provincial sales taxes in relation to the country and/or province that the lounge resides.

5 Terms of Payment

  1. Customers shall make payment for the Lounge Facilities when booking by entering the details of their debit or credit card onto the on-line booking form, provided that such credit or debit card is listed as acceptable to Servisair on the booking form instructions.5.2Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Customer shall not be entitled to any discount.

6 Customer's obligations

  1. The Customer shall ensure that he is at all times appropriately dressed and shall behave in an appropriate manner. Servisair and any third party lounge provider with whom Servisair has entered into an arrangement for the provision of Lounge Facilities reserve the right at their sole and absolute discretion to refuse entry or to remove any Customer whose behaviour or mode of dress is considered by Servisair to be unsuitable or is likely to offend other Customers.
  2. Customers must not remove food or drinks from the executive lounge facilities and will be asked to refrain from consuming food and/or drinks in the Lounge facilities other than food and/or drinks provided in the Lounge Facilities.
  3. The Customer agrees to adhere to any no smoking policies in operation in any of the Lounge Facilities.

7 Cancellations & Amendments


  1. In the event of the Customer failing to arrive for their stay, Servisair shall be under no obligation, at any time, to issue any refund of the Charges previously paid by the Customer.
  2. In the event of a customer wishing to Amend an existing booking;
  3. Customers can Amend their bookings up to 48 hours prior to departure with no Administration Fee being payable if the edit has no negative affect on the resulting booking monetary value. If a negative value is created through editing then the Customer will incur a £1.50 Administration Fee per Adult.
  4. Customers can only edit their bookings once. Any further edits, or edits within 48 hours of departure, must be undertaken by the customer services team during office hours (Monday to Friday 9:00–17:00 UK time).
  5. Servisair agrees to provide access to Lounge Facilities for the same number of users as on the original booking, at a later date at Servisair operated Lounge Facilities ("Alternative Lounge Facilities") if the customer wishes to postpone their booking subject to at least 48 hours prior to departure and receipt by Servisair from the Customer of (i) confirmation of the date and Airport Lounge Facilities required; and (ii) the difference between the Charges paid by the Customer in relation to the original booking and the charges in respect of the Alternative Lounge Facilities. This can only be done via Customer Services.
  6. In relation to an Amendment to Alternative Lounge Facilities at least 48 hours prior to departure, if the Alternative Lounge Facilities Charges are lower than the original Charges, an adjustment shall be made in favour of the Customer.
  7. Customers are not able to edit bookings within 48 hours of departure.
  8. In the event of a customer wishing to Cancel an existing booking;
  9. At least 48 hours prior to departure, an Administration Fee of £1.50 per Adult will be charged. The sum of the Administration Fee will be clearly displayed to the Customer upon cancellation.
  10. Within 48 hours of departure will be charged an Administration Fee of £5.00 per Adult. The sum of the Administration Fee will be clearly displayed to the Customer upon cancellation.
  11. In order to cancel an authorised Group Booking (A Group Booking is a booking of 8 or more persons), Servisair must be notified at least 7 days prior to the proposed date of travel with a fee of £5.00 per passenger payable by the Customer to Servisair in respect of such cancellation. Thereafter the full Charge shall be payable and no refund will be made.
  12. All edits / refunds are subject to a full or part refund and recharge to the card that the initial payment was made with.
  13. In the event of part-use, where the Customer is only able to use the Lounge Facilities for part of the allocated time that was booked, through no fault of Servisair, Servisair shall be under no obligation to refund in full or in part.
  14. 8 Gift Certificates

     Gift Certificates may only be redeemed at Servisair operated lounges. Servisair reserve the right to close or remove lounges that accept Gift Certificates without prior notice to the customer.

    1. Gift Certificates purchased online will be sent to the delivery address entered online by the Customer and appearing in the delivery address fields in the online form. Servisair cannot accept liability for incorrect details entered by the Customer and any subsequent loss.
    2. Gift Certificate orders will be processed and dispatched as soon as possible after placement of order. Orders are processed during normal UK office hours. Delivery will only be made to UK addresses. Servisair is not liable for any delay or failure of Royal Mail or any other courier used.
    3. Regrettably once an order is placed for Gift Certificates online, no refunds or amendments can be made. The Terms and Conditions contained in section 7 do not apply to Gift Certificate sales.
    4. Any lounge access made using a Gift Certificate is subject to all other terms and conditions defined here with the exception of section 7. A lounge visit made using a valid Gift Certificate is limited to a maximum of 3 hours from time of first entry.
    5. Passengers travelling in groups of 8 or more must contact us at least 3 working days in advance of their planned visit to check availability. Please contact us by using the contact us form.
    6. Gift Certificates may not be resold or reused. Gift Certificates have no cash value. Once redeemed they will be retained by Servisair.
    7. Gift Certificates for alcoholic drinks, including Champagne Gift Certificates, are only valid for Customers over 18 years. Once redeemed the stated product may only be consumed within the lounge. Alcoholic drinks may not be taken outside the lounge. These certificates do not include entry to the Lounge. Lounge entry must be obtained separately. While Servisair will make all reasonable efforts to ensure availability of the product, in the unlikely event that the requested product is unavailable, Servisair will offer an alternative where available or a full refund for the unavailable items.

    9 Images

    1. Any images displayed on this website or in any publicity or documents produced by Servisair are for illustrative guidance only.

    10 Limitation on Liability

    1. Subject to clause 10.2, Servisair shall under no circumstances be liable for any indirect, special or consequential loss, including but not limited to loss of profit, loss of contract, loss of revenue or loss of business, howsoever arising whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or statutory duty or otherwise.
    2. Servisair does not exclude loss arising from death or personal injury caused by negligence.
    3. Subject to clause 10.2 above, the aggregate liability of Servisair, (whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or breach of statutory duty or otherwise) to the Customer for any loss or damage (whether asserted by the Customer or third parties), of whatsoever nature and howsoever caused shall be limited to and in no circumstances shall exceed the Charges paid by the Customer for the Lounge Facilities.
    4. Servisair shall under no circumstances be liable for any Customer failing to board his flight and neither Servisair nor any third party lounge provider with whom Servisair has entered into an arrangement for the provision of Lounge Facilities has any obligation to make flight announcements.
    5. Servisair shall under no circumstances be liable or responsible for the personal belongings of any Customer, and a Customer shall take personal belongings into the Lounge Facilities area solely at his own risk.
    6. All information, recommendations and advice given by or on behalf of Servisair to the Customer regarding Airport services or flight details are given without liability on the part of Servisair.
    7. The Customer shall fully indemnify and compensate Servisair, its employees, sub-contractors and agents in respect of all actions, suits, claims, demands, costs, charges or expenses arising (whether asserted by the Customer or third party) out of or in connection with the provision of the Lounge Facilities which:
      1. are in excess of Servisair's liability set out in clause 10.3 above; and
      2. are caused directly or indirectly through the act or omission, wilful misconduct or negligence of the Customer.

    11 Force Majeure

    1. Servisair shall not be liable to the Customer for any loss or damage caused to or suffered by the Customer as a direct or indirect result of the provision of the Lounge Facilities by or on behalf of Servisair being prevented, restricted, hindered or delayed by reason of any circumstances outside the control of Servisair.

    12 Waiver

    1. The right powers and remedies provided pursuant to these conditions are cumulative and do not exclude or affect any rights, powers or remedies provided by law . No delay in exercising, or non exercising by Servisair of any rights or remedies under these conditions shall operate as a waiver or lease of that right, power or remedy.

    13 Variation

    1. No amendments or variation of these conditions shall be effective unless made in writing and signed or issued by Servisair.

    14 Governing Law

    1. These conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Servisair and the Customer hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

    15 Group Booking Policy

    1. A Group Booking is defined as a booking, or separate bookings, resulting in a party of 8 or more. Group Bookings cannot be made online and need to be authorised in advance by Servisair on +44 1928 570 182. Servisair reserves the right to refuse access to any customer(s) placing multiple bookings in order to override the Group Booking Policy. No refund in full or in part will be made.

    Invite a Friend - Terms and Conditions

    1. General

    1. "Promoter” means Servisair UK Ltd of Servisair House, Hampton Court, Manor Park, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 1TT.
    2. "Promotion” means the system where a Introducer enters a Recipient’s email address onto www.executivelounges.com/friend.
    3. "Voucher” is a unique code, contained within the email to both the Recipient and the Introducer awarding a percentage off bookings or selected extra products to accompany bookings.
    4. "Promotion Period” The Promotion will commence in November 2013. The Promoter reserves the right to withdraw the promotion without notice.
    5. "Introducer” means the person that introduces a second person in order for them to participate in the Promotion.
    6. "Recipient” means the person means the person who has been invited to participate in the Promotion by the Introducer.

    2. Promotion Terms and Conditions

    1. To participate in this Promotion you must introduce a Recipient by going to www.executivelounges.com/friend.
    2. Before entering any Recipient email address and inviting them to participate in the Promotion, the Introducer must ensure that they have the prior permission and authority of the Recipient to be contacted by the Promoter.
    3. It is the responsibility of the Introducer to ensure that the email address of the Recipient is entered correctly.
    4. Vouchers can only be used once.
    5. The Promoter is under no obligation to replace missing, deleted or non-received Vouchers.
    6. The Voucher can only be used by clicking a specific link contained within the communicated email.
    7. Vouchers cannot be retrospectively used.
    8. The Introducer must ensure that the Recipient is 18 years of age or older.
    9. The Voucher can only be redeemed on bookings at selected lounges (currently any Servisair operated lounge) within the UK only. Third party lounges (those run by a company other than Servisair) are not part of this scheme. Presently included in the Promotion are: Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bristol, Durham Tees Valley, Edinburgh, Humberside, Inverness, Liverpool, London Gatwick North, London Gatwick South, London Heathrow Terminal 1, London Heathrow Terminal 3, London Luton, Manchester Terminal 1, Manchester Terminal 2, Newcastle.
    10. All vouchers must be used within one month of receiving.
    11. When you introduce a friend to Servisair they (the Recipient) will receive an email containing a verification code. The Recipient must verify their email in order for the discount code to be generated for both the Recipient and the Introducer.
    12. Bookings using the Promotion discount must be made within 1 (one) month of receiving the Voucher code.
    13. By participating in the Promotion, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and other terms and conditions made apparent whilst booking, and that the decision of Servisair is final and binding in all matters relating to the Promotion.
    14. Servisair reserves the right to cancel or amend the terms of this Promotion without notice.
    15. Any personal data collected for the purposes of the Promotion will be processed in accordance with the provisions of Servisair Lounges Privacy Policy.

    3. Use of Voucher

    1. You will be entitled to either 20% off the total price off Servisair or Aspire by Servisair lounge access, OR, selected Lounge Extras subject to the Promotion Terms and Conditions.
    2. Gift Vouchers, Membership and third party lounges are excluded from the Promotion.
    3. 20% off cannot be retrospectively applied against pre-existing bookings.
    4. Only one Voucher can be used per booking.
    5. Each code can only be used once.
    6. Each code has no commercial value and cannot be redeemed for cash.
    7. Discount codes can only be used on bookings made by clicking on the link contained within the Voucher email and are subject to Servisair Lounges standard Terms and Conditions.
    8. Servisair reserves the right to vary these conditions of use, or to withdraw the discount code at any time without notice.