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      We're committed to making our customers' journeys get off to the best start possible. Our award winning lounges can be found at most major UK airports such as Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham.

      Why book an airport lounge?

      You get a guaranteed seat
      You also get complimentary wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks as well as snacks while you wait for your onward flight. It really is a more relaxing way to start your journey.

      We offer free WiFi
      All of our lounges offer free wifi as standard, so carrying out business when in the airport couldn't be easier. Book in, choose a complimentary drink and snack, get seated and log on.

      It could be cheaper than spending time in the departure lounge
      Our lounges don't charge for anything else once you are in, unless you want to upgrade your stay with a bottle of Champagne or full meal from one of our partner restaurants (selected lounges only). When you consider the cost of buying several drinks, snacks, wifi, newspapers – it soon adds up. We offer all these as part of the entry cost.

      Great customer service
      Our lounge staff will do all they can to make sure your journey starts as it should – from coping with delays through to where things are situated within the airport, we're always happy to help.