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Terms of Entry


In order to maintain a relaxed, comfortable environment for all our Customers, Swissport ask that the following Terms of Entry are observed.

Swissport reserves the right to refuse entry (at the sole discretion of the Lounge staff and/or Manager) to any Customer, or ask any Customer to leave the lounge, that does not comply with the Terms of Entry. Swissport is under no obligation to refund in full or in part. Swissport is under no obligation to enter into any correspondence.

  1. Customers must not remove food, drinks, magazines, newspapers or any other item that is the property of Swissport or the relevant Lounge Operator in accordance with the Theft Act 1968, Theft Act Scotland or any other local laws. Customers removing food and/or drink for consumption outside of the lounge, or removing magazines, newspapers or any other item that is the property of Swissport or the relevant Lounge Operator may be prosecuted. Bags may be subject to search and/or inspection should the Lounge Manager or Staff have reasonable suspicion that items are being removed from the Lounge
  2. The considerate use of mobile phones is permitted, although we as Customers to be respectful of other Customers whilst making or receiving calls. Please do not be offended should a member of staff suggest the use of a particular area for making and receiving calls. Swissport reserves the right to ask Customers to refrain from using mobile phones.
  3. Customers are asked not to consume food brought in from outside the Lounge. Special dietary requirement foods are permitted.
  4. CCTV is being used within and around the Lounge with images recorded for your protection and the protection of others.
  5. Swissport and its employees reserve the right, at their sole and absolute discretion, to refuse entry to, or to remove, any Customer whose behaviour or mode of dress is considered by Swissport or it’s employees to be unsuitable or likely to offend other Customers.
  6. Lounge Facilities have a smart-casual dress code and Swissport reserves the right to refuse entry based on non-suitable attire. Swissport do not allow certain items of clothing such as (but not limited to); Sportswear, vest tops for men, Football / Rugby Team Shirts, Sports Tracksuits, Clothing with offensive slogans or motifs, baseball caps, tour shirts, or fancy dress. Customers can wear comfortable items not typically associated with 'Smart-Casual' such as; smart shorts (chino / cargo shorts), sandals, smart trainers, non-sport fashion tracksuits, hooded tops, smart jeans and smart t-shirts for example. The Customer shall ensure that they are, at all times, appropriately dressed. Guests will not be permitted to enter the lounge whilst using hair rollers or having hair rollers on show.
  7. Where children are permitted to enter the lounge, Swissport request that Customers with children ensure that the peaceful atmosphere of the Lounge is not disturbed. Children must be accompanied by a Customer aged 18 years or over at all times.
  8. Where smoking is permitted in the Lounge, please ensure that only the designated area is used, this includes the use of electronic cigarettes. All UK Lounges are strictly non-smoking, including the use of electronic cigarettes. A member of staff will be able to direct Customers to the nearest smoking area within the airport, should one exist.
  9. It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that they are at the correct departure gate in time to board their flight. Swissport do not accept any liability whatsoever for any Customer who misses their flight. Swissport are under no obligation to provide flight announcements in any Lounge.
  10. Swissport shall under no circumstances be liable or responsible for the personal belongings of any Customer. Customers taking personal belongings into the Lounge do so solely at their own risk.
  11. Personal belongings cannot, under any circumstances, be left unattended within the Lounge. Where facilities exist, personal luggage lockers can be used during a Customers stay in the Lounge. Swissport cannot be held responsible for items left in personal luggage lockers. Luggage lockers are emptied at regular intervals with left items handed over to the relevant airport authority for disposal.
  12. Customers must not bring luggage trolleys into the Lounge.
  13. Customers are required to inform a member of staff immediately in the event of any spillages or breakages.
  14. Standard Lounge stay is 3 (three) hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the Customers flight. Additional time may be purchased at the Lounge, subject to availability.
  15. Alcohol may only be handled and/or consumed by those over the age of 18 years. Persons not adhering to this will be asked to leave the Lounge.
  16. These Terms of Entry apply to all Customer including those that have Lounge access pre-booked through a third party access provider, as part of a Membership Card scheme, included as part of an airline ticket or Frequent Flyer scheme.
  17. A Group Booking is a booking, or separate bookings, resulting in a party of 8 (eight) or more persons and must have been authorised at least 7 days in advance of arrival at the lounge. Swissport reserve the right to ask unauthorised groups, and those that arrive separately on multiple bookings and meet within the lounge, to disperse or leave the lounge.
  18. Swissport reserve the right to refuse entry to, or to remove from the Lounge any person who is drunk and/or disorderly or whose conduct is unlawful. Our staff, at their reasonable discretion, are here to control the amount of alcohol consumed by any passenger as those that appear drunk may be refused the right to fly under European Law. Any person who causes a disturbance or who refuses to comply with reasonable requests from the Lounge Staff may be removed from the Lounge.


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