Manchester Aspire Airport Lounge - Terminal 1

  • Very limited food choices, no real choice for children.

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    Anonymous | 26/02/2020

  • The executive lounge overall was a pleasure experience. However I will say that detailed on their website it claimed to serve a wide variety of drinks and alcohols but when we got there there was 2 largers, 3 fruit juices and a couple of other drinks like absolut vodka and gin.... They did not the selection they claimed to have on their website... Which was a let down because we picked this lounge over the other due to the more varied drinks menu! Also, with desserts there was 1 piece of cake left and there was no message to say that there was any more or that they had ran out. It was only when I asked the bar man whether they have anything sweet that he said no, then looked under the desk and found a box of macaroons and gave me 2. After this he returned the box under the counter and did not out them out for other guests to enjoy.. I even though this was one of the desserts stated on their website. Overall, like I said it was a pleasant enough experience to enjoy a couple of hours of relaxation before your flight and It was worth the money. However, there was just a couple of points. **Make note - when you are in the lounge they DO NOT make any flight announcements, you have to continuously check the departure board. Enjoy 😊

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    Anonymous | 25/02/2020

  • Food was good, drinks choice was good and service excellent. Nice setting and good to be away from the hustle and bustle pre-holiday.

    star star star star star

    David Ashton | 23/02/2020

  • Very relaxing, quiet and nice to sit watching over runway, but food very limited. Not what I was expecting from the write up about this lounge.

    star star star star

    Tracey Dickens | 23/02/2020

  • Quiet and comfortable with tasty food. Great to have a runway view

    star star star star star

    Anonymous | 22/02/2020

  • Plenty of food on offer, only one person occasionally at the bar so had to wait for a drink.

    star star star star

    Kevin Morrison | 22/02/2020

  • Comfy surroundings

    star star star star star

    Harvey Blair | 21/02/2020

  • There was not much choice in food. The food that was there was horrible. I really would not book in to the lounge if you are expecting a decent warm meal. I wish I would have eaten elsewhere. Wouldn’t recommended

    star star

    Anonymous | 20/02/2020

  • Arrived late (issues at bag drop) and missed breakfast but lunch out at 11 so no problem. Staff helpful and courteous. One family with young children 'left to roam' dealt with very politely but firmly by member of staff - well done. All in all a pleasant experience and good start to holiday. With friends who hadn't used lounge before but will use again.

    star star star star

    Stephen Padgett | 20/02/2020

  • Very quiet and comfortable. Able to enjoy refreshments on peaceful surroundings. Staff were helpful and courteous. Thank you

    star star star star star

    Margaret Mann | 18/02/2020

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