Luton Aspire Airport Lounge

  • Considering that the lounge was undergoing a refit when we attended the staff were brilliant and attentive and managed to keep everyone happy. Only poor Bit was limited on the food available and never a seemed to be replenished and having to leave the lounge to use the toilets.

    star star star star

    David | 16/09/2015

  • I visited on the 8/9/15. Yes there were building works going on but these were mentioned on the web site. I found staff to be very helpful. Food and drinks plentiful. I would definitely use again.

    star star star star star

    Simone | 15/09/2015

  • Extremely helpful staff. Calm atmosphere. But could do with an extra departure screen to save having to get up to check flight.

    star star star star star

    Christine | 13/09/2015

  • Refurbishment seems to have taken a lot longer than planned and this has affected service and the ambience of the place. There are a number of portable air condition units dotted around the Lounge, taking up valuable space and a few of the limited power sockets. Also, there are no Lounge toilet facilities. On a positive note, the Staff are doing a good job.

    star star

    Marc | 10/09/2015

  • Excellent value for money. A really nice experience, It always is, but the new look is fantastic. The staff are so helpfull and friendly and really make everyone feel special. bottom line. usually these 'feed backs' ask for comments relating to suggested improvements Comment None you have it spot on, If it aint bust don't fix it! will i book again? DEFINITELY would i reccommend the lounge? I ALREADY HAVE (AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO)

    star star star star star

    Martin | 09/09/2015

  • There was no wi fi in the lounge during our visit and had to wait a while for the bacon to be replenished, but a comfortable experience apart from that.

    star star star

    Carys | 09/09/2015

  • I'd avoid it till the refurb is done !

    star star star

    Stephen | 05/09/2015

  • Staff exceptionally Friendly

    star star star star star

    Erol | 02/09/2015


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