London Heathrow Terminal 5

  • For price paid, felt the selection of food was poor. Bar did not have non-alcoholic drink options you'd expect in a bar these days.

    star star

    Anonymous | 24/02/2020

  • I think it is a shame that you have to go out of the lounge to use the bathroom! I was travelling on my own and it was very difficult with my hand baggage especially when the lounge got very busy. Limited food/drinks and not a lot of seating

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    Jane Sym | 22/02/2020

  • Thought it needed refurnished and although the breakfast didn't look tempting it actually tasted very good. The staff were pleasant and efficient.

    star star star star

    william robertson | 21/02/2020

  • On arrival the greeting was unfriendly. Eventually we managed to find a seat in a very cramped area at the rear, would appear you have no control as people we spread out asleep and taking up space that we could have used. We also found it inconvenient to have to go outside of the lounge and into the main Terminal for the use of toilets. The food that was supposed to be hot was not and the selection was limited. We have used Lounges at Terminal 3&4 at Heathrow and at Gatwick and yours is the worst. In fact the first and last time we would use it. I await any comments you have.


    Leslie Hill | 21/02/2020

  • I ended up at Heathrow terminal 33 instead of 5 where I had mistakenly booked. They took a bit to make the transfer but were very willing to help me. The food and shower were very good, the seating was comfortable, but could have been better.

    star star star star

    Gordon Jones | 20/02/2020

  • I have previously used Executive Lounges (Aspire) Lounges at various locations and found them good, however, on this occasion i was very disappointed. There was no where to sit, i had to stand for the first 20 minutes. Annoyingly, there were multiple seating areas that were marked as 'reserved' and left completely empty for the entire 2 hours i was there. When i asked the staff if i could sit there, i was told that it was for groups of people that were 3 or more. I explained that i would be happy to share but they would not allow me to sit down. I would absolutely avoid using them again.

    star star

    Anonymous | 17/02/2020

  • Didn't visit, so I can't really comment. Nobody seemed to know where it was and time was so short that I never spent much time looking.


    Bruce Smith | 17/02/2020

  • Very pleasant experience at the start of our trip. More seating would be good. More information boards with flight details required.

    star star star star

    Anonymous | 16/02/2020

  • The facilities in the lounge are good. However, the fact that you need to leave the lounge to use the toilet is not particularly convenient (pardon the pun). The staff were pleasant and helpful and on the whole I would be happy to use the lounge again.

    star star star star

    Martha Finlayson | 16/02/2020

  • It was ok. It was really busy and I struggled to find a seat,the food choices were limited. Overall it was not as good as the Gatwick lounge..

    star star star

    Stephen Smith | 16/02/2020

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