Why going on holiday is good for you

It’s true: going on holiday is good for you! Not only does escaping to an exotic location make you feel better, it helps you manage stress, improve sleep patterns, strengthen relationships, live longer and does wonders for your self-esteem.
We have all experienced some (if not all) of the above at some point when taking time out of our busy schedule, but have you ever stopped to think just how beneficial a truly relaxing break can be for you? You’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Physical health 

Going on holiday gives you the chance to catch up on sleep. It’s all too easy to get caught up in your hectic working routine and forget to take time to breathe, unwind and de-stress. Holidays are made for just that, as you snooze until the late morning (so long as you don’t miss the breakfast buffet!) and then who isn’t guilty of having a nap in the summer sun. What’s more, being in a relaxed holiday frame of mind will mean you get a better night’s sleep. Getting enough sleep will help your mental performance and help prevent illness by strengthening the immune system.
Taking time out to recharge your batteries also improves your future health. Having breaks from stressful work is great for the heart. Going on holiday is actually doing you a favour and will help you function better when you return to work.

Try something new

People feel most inspired when on holiday. Use this to your advantage by travelling to a destination unknown and prepare for an experience like no other. Sample local healthy cuisine and open your eyes to new tastes you can take home with you. The weather abroad usually makes for the perfect opportunity to try some great outdoor activities. Brave the beach for a ride on a jet ski, or perhaps experience the rush of parascending above the French Aps. Make the most of your holiday, and who knows – you may discover a new hobby to take home with you, or a talent you never knew you had.


Our fast paced, busy lifestyles often leave us with little time left to do what we really enjoy. Going on holiday you have endless days to do whatever takes your fancy. Whether it’s kicking back on an endless golden beach, getting lost in the pages of your favourite book or trying some truly thrilling outdoor activities - you decide. This is the perfect time to experiment with something you’ve always wanted to try, but could never do at home. Take the opportunity to create, explore and reinvent yourself.


There’s no better time for a bit of self-reflection than sat on a beach, a book in one hand, a cocktail in the other as you look out over the horizon. It sounds magical, but you must allow yourself time away from the hordes of tourists to relax in your own company. Giving yourself some ‘me’ time allows you to challenge yourself and re-set your goals for when you return home. This will improve your mind and in turn improve your relationship with friends, family and colleagues.

Create memories

Apart from enjoying a relaxing break, the best thing about going on holiday is the opportunity to create special memories with loved ones. You will be left with hundreds of picture perfect moments, so long as you remember to capture them on camera (see tips for taking the perfect travel photos). When you arrive home you’ll have a collection of photographs to share with others and treasure for a lifetime. 
Holidays are full of times spent with friends, enjoying special moments and sharing new experiences together. There will be plenty of laughter as you take a break from routine, and laughter really is the best medicine – releasing endorphins that will do wonders for your immune system. It’s important to enjoy every moment of your holiday. When you get home all you need to do to relieve stress is remind yourself of those precious memories.
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