The best apps for business travellers

Whether you’re a business executive or self-employed, life on the road – or in the sky – is tough. These apps help ease the strain of a long-haul flight.
Contrary to popular airport stories, portraying business travellers as some sort of special team of the skies, the reality is they suffer the same difficulties of modern day travel we all do – but many, many times a month! For these individuals we offer a complimentary list of sanity-saving apps, which lift some of those tedious travelling conditions (bonus: they work for the rest of us too):

Routehappy (free)

Travellers who don’t fall into the business class category have to fend for themselves. This makes searching for a perfect flight troublesome and time-consuming. That’s where Routehappy comes in: providing a unique service explaining what travel plans best suit you based on an array of sources and considerations: number of shops, Wi-Fi, travel time, food, seating and travel reviews. Happy flying!

BestParking (free)

It’s 9.00pm and you’ve just landed in an unfamiliar location. You don’t know the area – where do you park (that’s not going to cost a fortune)? This is common problem with first-time business travellers, who typically commute to a new place every month. BestParking lets you compare prices on an interactive map and keep your money safe!

TripIt (free)

This is probably the most valuable app for those looking to keep their travel itinerary in one place. Whether you need flight schedules, hotel bookings, presentation meetings, Tripit keeps all your information together and organises it into a calendar. The best function is the ability to forward all conformation emails to your TripIt account, and the application will do the rest for you. Simples.

WeatherPro (£0.99)

What’s more useful than having the weather forecast on hand when you arrive at your destination? Not only can a touch of sunshine brighten a dull presentation, but knowing the forecast can make it much easier to plan for your day – in advance! For example, if you have a meeting first thing and a couple of hours spare before catching your next flight, you can explore the area (weather permitting, of course). WeatherPro gives you a good overview of the weather situation for each travel destination.

iTranslate (free)

If your business trip requires you to travel abroad, make sure you have a little conversation starter with you: iTranslate, perhaps? This is useful during a business meeting or even if you pop out for lunch; helping you break down that language barrier in any situation.

Expensify (free)

What comes to mind when considering apps for business travellers? How about Expensify: an app allowing users to track all expenses – effortlessly! By uploading your credit card details it will add each transaction as you go (mileage included). The app will then save and email you a PDF document containing all the details.

Loungebuddy (free)

There are very few guarantees with airline travel these days. Cancellations, delays, queues and misconnects are out of our control, but finding a place to relax in an exclusive airport lounge is. This app is your airport companion; Loungebuddy gives you access to prices, photos and reviews of over 500 airports! GPS is then used to give you an estimate walking time.

Candy Crush (free)

I know what you’re going to say: it’s hardly a business travel app, right? Well, everyone needs a break from staring at the same (boring) report for hours; it isn’t going to get done any quicker! Put your feet up and relax, as you tap away at your phone completing hundreds of levels in this divine puzzle adventure.

IFTT (free)

If This Then That (or IFTT – rhymes with gift) has quickly become the ultimate app for completing small tasks between internet-linked services. Using IFTT you can activate up to 150 channels – all with its own set of triggers or actions. For example, if you want to let a colleague know you’ve landed abroad (or returned home), there’s an trigger designed to send an email or post to social media to let others know you’re travelling in a different time-zone. These triggers activate automatically when you turn your phone on abroad, so you’ll never forget to send a message again – winner!

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