How to treat your partner to a Luxury Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day can be a tricky one. It is the one day of the year where romance is key, and you are expected to sweep your partner off their feet in a loving gesture. If you tend to organise things last minute or you exhausted all your good ideas the year before, you run the risk of your plans not having the desired effect on your loved one.

If that sounds like you this year, have a peek at our guide to treating your spouse to a romantic getaway. It’s all about the little details and with our help, you might even get a pat on the back from cupid himself for your efforts. Rather than the standard gifts, maybe it’s time to treat your significant other to the most luxurious, pampered and overly indulgent Valentine’s Day ever. 

Take them on a journey


Don’t tell your partner where they’re going, just get them to pack their bags (make sure to include passports!) and head to the airport. Of course the best way to travel is by taxi or private car, as you want to arrive both relaxed and in plenty of time.


Create a playlist of their favourite songs to play on the journey. Either take some headphones or kindly ask the taxi driver if he could play them through his speakers. This will start their mystery journey off in a positive way.

Wait for your flight in style


Once you have reached the airport and checked in, you may have a short wait until your flight is due to depart. Make this time as relaxed as possible and make sure your partner still doesn’t know where they are heading. Keep the mystery for as long as possible. When it’s the right moment, surprise them.


Book an Executive Lounge for a luxurious wait before your flight. Purchase a bottle of something bubbly and surprise your spouse whilst you are both at your most relaxed.

Flight to a stunning destination


Get comfortable as the excitement builds towards the romantic trip away. Make sure you have plenty to keep the excitement going such as brochures for the hotel, information for the country you’re heading to and what you can do whilst away on your mini-break.


Surprise your partner with an upgrade to first class. Enjoy the leg room and make sure you make the most of complimentary food and drink on the way to your destination.

Arrive at your Beautiful hotel


When you arrive at the romantic setting for your luxury Valentine’s Day, make sure that you take the bags for your partner and make them feel completely at ease. Depending on the time and facilities you could go for a swim, have a bite to eat for lunch or even just explore what is on offer.


When you get to dumping your bags at the room, make sure that you have already called ahead at the hotel and organised something personal to be written on the bed in rose petals, perhaps a bunch of fresh flowers waiting for your spouse or even a bottle of champagne in the room.

Spa treatments


One of the best ways to fully relax and indulge yourselves is to make the most of the spa (that you picked out when booking the hotel of course!). This means getting a couples massage to make you both as chilled and supple as possible.


For an extra touch, allow your partner to get a special treatment such as a facial, body exfoliation or even a detoxifying wrap. It will not only make them feel great, but will make them forget all of their troubles on their Valentine’s holiday.

Candle-lit dinner


Make sure you have a table booked at the hotel’s restaurant or even a local establishment if the location permits it. Finish off your stylish day with a sumptuous meal, and enjoy the company of your partner as they feel revitalised and content.


Present your significant other with a personalised Valentine’s Day card, flowers, and a present to complete the evening. Just because you’ve flown to a beautiful country to celebrate, it doesn’t mean you can’t be traditional.

To book your Executive Lounge for Valentine’s Day, head over to our lounges page and choose the airport you’re flying from. Travel in style and treat the one you love to a romantic day they will never forget.

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