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We promise to ensure that when you book on-line your personal details and any other information you give us, will be kept secure.

Account Area

When you log in to your account, to see your previous bookings and contact information, we ask you for security information - user name and password - to ensure that your previous booking details are kept secure. For more details on what information we keep and how it is used, please read our privacy policy.

Credit Card Numbers

We will always ask you to enter (or re-enter) your credit card numbers. When you come to place a booking, you may be asked whether or not to store your credit card with us for future use. If you agree, the Barclaycard EPDQ system will register your card and prompt you for specific security questions when you come to place another order such as; CVC number / Expiry Date / Valid from date / Verified by Visa password etc. When accessing your previous bookings, no credit card details will be displayed, only information on the lounge and times.

Secure Encrypted Bookings

  • Throughout the entire booking process you are connected through a secure, encrypted link (https://) to our web server. What you see on the screen and what you enter into the web pages remain private to just you and the server.

A certificate is used to both provide the key for making the secure connection, and to prove that you are trading with Servisair Executive Lounges. Our online booking site '' uses 128bit SSL Encryption provided by a secure certificate. This certificate was issued by Comodo, one of the major secure certificate providers for the internet.

How do I know if encryption is switched on?

Your web browser (depending on the type) will show you if encryption is enabled by showing you a 'locked padlock' on the screen.


In order for the booking process to work, you must have cookies enabled for the site. The cookie that is stored on your computer only contains a 'Session Identifier'. It does not contain any personal identifying information.


The Executive Lounge booking system will run with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome and Safari. Your system must be configured to allow javascript to run.


Some firewalls can block specific addresses, types of address or web page content. In order for the Executive Lounge booking system to work, your system must be configured to:


In order to be able to validate who you are, we require:

  • Username and password.

Your user name is your email address. You must enter the correct combination of user name and password in order to login to the site.

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