Faro Airport Lounge

  • I couldn't believe how basic it was, for 5* prices. I even had to put my coffee on the floor, there were so few tables scattered about. selection of snacks was laughable, and staff were indifferent. Within the terminal you also have to go out of your way, in the wrong direction to get to the so-called lounge. Very very poor.


    Suzanne | 03/06/2018

  • Lounge poorly situated in Schengen Area....very poor quality food and drink in poor surroundings...... not value for money!!!!!!


    Anonymous | 02/06/2018

  • Poor selection of beverages/alcoholic drinks and an absolutely abysmal choice of food, which basically consisted of cheese sandwiches and some kind of processed white meat sandwich, in plastic like white bread, tightly wrapped in cling film. Really unedifying and do still had to leave early to get a subway as we were so hungry. Absolute waste of money.


    Wayne | 31/05/2018

  • Very comfortable Friendly staff Nice sandwiches and good choice of drinks

    star star star star

    Angela | 21/05/2018

  • too limited supply of snacks, no white wine, location too tight

    star star

    Koen | 25/04/2018

  • Directions given where totally wrong, missed lounge completely. Passed through passport control only to find lounge before??


    Wayne | 20/04/2018

  • Helpful staff, good selection of food and drink

    star star star star

    Anonymous | 16/04/2018

  • Die Ruhe ist sehr angenehm. Lag nahe am Gate, also keine langen Wege. Die Getränkeauswahl ist sehr gut, die Snacks könnten etwas mehr Liebe gebrauchen. Eine Toastscheibe mit einer Scheiblette entspricht nicht dem Standard einer Lounge. Dafür waren die Käsetörtchen exquisit. Das Personal war sehr freundlich.

    star star star star

    Evelyn | 08/04/2018

  • We would like to write a good review, but when we arrived at the lounge the young lady there told us there was no record of us booking and would not allow us to enter, and to be honest, she was not helpful at all in trying to resolve the problem, We have since been refunded which proves we had booked it in the first place


    alexander | 31/03/2018

  • Airport under renovation, directions provided inaccurate. After a period of looking and becoming increasingly confused we eventually asked we and were told the lounge was before passport control (which we had come through and obviously could not go back) and nothing like the directions we had been given so the whole thing turned out to be a huge waste of time and money. Particularly disappointing as my travel partner has major food intolerances and nothing in the general departure lounge or on the flight was suitable.


    Victoria | 13/02/2018

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