Bristol AspirePlus

  • Very cramped, no seating and the food choice was rubbish. I would not recommend it unless it was free! Sorry bad first experience

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    Anonymous | 19/01/2019

  • Always excellent service, comfy chairs, very quiet and good food.

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    Alexandra | 14/01/2019

  • On the 04/01/19 my partner and I were about to have our first holiday together. So I thought a nice way to start our holiday would be to treat her to an Aspire lounge plus experience. As my son and I used this facility before except it wasn't the plus but however it was brilliant. When we arrived we were welcomed by a very polite lady but we then told that the cooked breakfast was very little to offer due to delivery issues but it won't be long so we entered and to our disappointment there was scrambled egg crispy/hard bacon and beans which looked cold so my partner didn't bother with that and waited In case the food delivery arrived. I have to say although I put a smile on my face I was very embarrassed by the situation as I spoke very highly of the lounge experience. Sorry to say but I will be putting our experience on trip advisor.


    Michael | 13/01/2019

  • Bread was stale fruit salad had started fermenting not the standard of other lounges we use. Staff were very friendly and help full but they can only work with products given.

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    lynda | 05/01/2019

  • We decided to use the executive lounge as a family to set off our holiday in style. And it did start our holiday off to a great start It was calm and quiet, plenty of seats and very relaxing. The only detriment was that there appeared to be her little staff around to clear tables etc. We ended up clearing the tables around us and finding the trolley to put all the plates on. One member of our party has to have a gluten free diet and when we asked about this we were told no even though it did start when we booked that all we had to do was ask. But overall we enjoyed it and would definitely use executive lounges again

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    Fiona | 17/12/2018

  • I found that the espire + isn’t as good as the other lounge ie selection of food tables not cleaned also not enough staff

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    Leon | 22/11/2018

  • Not worth the extra money for an aspire plus package as the food and the drinks available were not better than the standard aspire on previous visits to Bristol.

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    michael | 10/11/2018

  • I do feel the food wasn’t good enough. Very limited, the soup was just about lukewarm, the salads really basic. We had to leave the Aspire plus lounge half way through our stay and go to the Aspire lounge . I understand they were quiet but we had paid extra for the plus lounge. Altogether, standards need to improve and not with the money. I spoke to someone in advance due to the poor reviews and the suggestion was we might receive a refund if not happly. I’m not holding my breath 😩

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    Tom | 10/11/2018

  • worst lounge in the uk , i travel on a regular basis out of different airports in the uk , i arrived at this bristol lounge and the moment i walked through the door the person behide the bar (man ) looked at me and said in a really aggressive tone we shut in 30 mins and there’s no food if you have to come in ?? , it suprised me to say the least ! he then grabbed my booking from my hand and said your late ?? i then said well can i go to the other lounge and was told in no again in a aggressive manner ! i left £29 less in my bank and went to the bar opposite ! really this was beyond belief and you need to give some customer training to this member of staff , i will be sharing this review on social media , the date was 2/11/18 brs / alan hughes mr


    alan | 09/11/2018

  • If you go with Aspire go for the plus at least you can serve yourself even if Lurch gives you a disapproving stare. We got moved to the cheap one because they were closing! BIG signs up saying only 3 drinks allowed! All of which is served by an equally grumpy waitress. Something to do with flight safety!!! More like saving money especially as their large wine is served in a thimble! Food sloppy. Not going to bother again


    Anonymous | 08/11/2018

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