Birmingham Aspire Lounge [South]

  • Arrived at 3.40 pm, no-one there to greet us, Only one person in lounge, he informed me that the member of staff was on his break, one other member of staff was in kitchen, he informed me that they were short staffed. There was only a very small amount of dried up hot food left, cakes dried up. Very disappointed. I immediately wrote a review on trip advisor. We were asked if We’d mind leaving at 5 pm so that staff could help out at the other Aspire Lounge. The staff were very polite but I cannot recommend Aspire Lounges based on this very poor experience. A total waste of money.


    Beverley Randall | 06/10/2019

  • Peaceful and relaxed.

    star star star star

    david pottinger | 04/10/2019

  • Food was very poor - dried up pasta dishes. Soup looked awful. The salad looked like it had seen better days. Not worth the money at all - not a spot on East Midlands lounge. The sparkling water was not nice. There was no atmosphere in there at all - some music wouldn’t have gone a miss. On a positive the lemon cake and crisps were nice. Limited drinks - no ales/bitters just lager and Guinness. Wouldn’t pay for it again.

    star star

    Anonymous | 25/03/2019

  • I along with a friend and my son booked into your lounge at Birmingham South for 13.30 Thursday March 7th via order number 799908. We arrived 15 minutes early but we were allowed to enter by your staff member. After two hours in the lounge the same staff member rather rudely and curtly informed us as we had already had three drinks the next drink would be our final one. We were absolutely not under the influence in any way or causing any kind of disturbance. My understanding was I had purchased 3 hours of time and I had not seen that there was a limit of 4 drinks. Where does it say this? She also was under the completely wrong assumption that we were with a large group who were there when we arrived who happened to be on the next table. We never spoke to them or I do I have any knowledge of who they were. They were much louder than I personally would approve of but were not causing obvious trouble. I have used the Aspire Lounges, booked by others, several times previously and was keen to show my son how good an experience it was. Then to be asked to leave like some drunk 18 year old at a public house for the first time was incredibly embarrassing and belittling. What should have been a relaxing experience turned into a situation where I was treated like a naughty child and the fact I had paid for 3 hours of food and drink, alcoholic or otherwise, was ignored. I was far too embarrassed to take her name, but I can tell you she was middle aged and of Asian dissent. Her rude, zealous and unfair action needs addressing.


    Paul | 14/03/2019

  • Waited at the check in desk for over 10 minutes just for a member of staff to come and tick my name off a list a let me in. There was them cold food put out which was gone within minutes as there was not nearly enough. Wait at the bar was ridiculous as the lounge is clearly way understaffed. 2 members of staff to check in, serve drinks, serve good and clean up is clearly never going to work. Very disappointed and will not be visiting again. Wish I hadn't bothered


    Christopher | 08/03/2019

  • The lounge was quiet and well maintained. Some food was good however some of it was plain. The drinks seemed to have only just been placed in the fridge so we’re not that cold, but other different options were available

    star star star star

    Joe | 08/03/2019

  • The lounge is large and spacious with good food and drink options. Unfortunately even though the lounge was very quiet service at the bar was very slow as you always had to go find someone to serve you, if your going to have bar service you at least expect it to be manned.

    star star star

    Dawn | 04/03/2019

  • A new user finding the service, cleanliness and choices more than acceptable to make the travelling experience a lot more relaxing than in the main halls. Thanks

    star star star star star

    IAN | 21/02/2019

  • Staff were really welcoming and both lounges were really comfortable. The selection of drinks was good, and although the food options were okay because the lounge was quiet, some of it looked like it had been on the servery for some time. The lounge I booked was not the most appropriate for my departure gate, so perhaps some advice as to which is most appropriate depending on airline would be useful.

    star star star star

    Neil | 26/01/2019

  • Clean. Good food. Pleasant staff

    star star star star star

    Jean | 12/01/2019

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