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Aspire to be more Vegan


They say that the best thing we can do for the planet in 2019, is eating less meat.

Whether you already follow a plant-based diet, or you are thinking about reducing the amount of meat you consume, there’s no denying that Veganism is getting its fair share of publicity of late. Research showed that in 2018, new Vegan product launches in the UK rose by 200%, overtaking Germany who had previously led the way for a number of years. It’s safe to say that Veganism is well and truly on the rise.

At Aspire, we know that our food is one of the main pillars of our business. Our menu has evolved year on year, continuously broadening the range which we offer, adapting to the current trends. We strive to offer our vast and varied customer base a good all-round selection of foods and we recognise that Vegan food and those that choose to follow a Vegan diet are a proportion of this base and as such, Vegan items are often present on our menus across the globe.

For instance, in our UK Aspire lounges in 2018, we offered guests a delicious, spicy and Vegan friendly chickpea curry throughout Summer as one of our two main hot food items. We change our menus seasonally to give our guests real choice and different options depending on the time of year of travel. The chickpea curry dish was particularly well received by our guests, including those that are not themselves Vegan. More permanent fixtures to the menu, available all year round include vegetable sausages during breakfast, plant-based milk such as Alpro soya milk as well as stocking a wide range of soups, salads and pasta salads, all Vegan friendly and incredibly satisfying such as roasted sweet potato and quinoa salad, vegetable-based soups and tomato pasta salad.

Elsewhere in Aspire lounges overseas, we also have a good and varied range of Vegan friendly items on our menus at any one time. For example, take our lounge in Helsinki which offers vegetable based soups made with plant based oat cream, oat milk and a rotating assortment of salads which include plant based proteins and to finish, a vegan chocolate cake. Meanwhile, our lounge in Kenya offers a range of Vegan savoury items including samosas, vegetable bhajis and sweet items such as chocolate croissants.

Looking ahead for 2019, our UK lounges Summer Menu development day is coming up very soon, and we hope to again be able to deliver a selection of tasty Vegan friendly items to our growing customer base this coming Summer.

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